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0800 Business Numbers

0800 Business Numbers

0800 Business Numbers

0800 is the original business number range used by UK businesses for over 20 years now. Widely recognised now as 'the feel good 08 numbers', 0800 or 0808 numbers are the perfect choice to promote calls to your companies marketing campaign.

0800 business numbers are a very popular 08 number range that the general public now recognises instantly as being free to call. The 0800 range was released by Ofcom to UK Carriers over twenty five years ago to provide a promotional alternative to 0845 and 0870 type business numbers. 0800 have become the most widely used UK 08 number and with a quarter of a century of history behind them have the advantage of familiarity. These numbers also offer a national presence to your business encouraging UK country-wide calls.

08UK specialise in providing NGN numbers to businesses both large and small, and being specialists in this field enables us to compete with the major telecom brands in this niche regardless of whether your current telecom supplier is BT, Talk Talk Business, O-Bit, Vodafone, Gamma or Telstra. We offer the very best call quality with professional call management features that are suited to an organisation of any size with the very highest standards of service and customer support and at competitive prices.

Business 0800 Numbers - Reflects Quality and High Standards
Free 0800 numbers offer potential and existing customers greater confidence reflecting your organisations professionalism. Using non geographical 0800 or 0808 numbers reflects a national and established business that cares about all its callers. Most PLC's & large organisations use Freephone 0800 phone numbers as 080 free to call or reverse charge numbers also suggest that the business is actually interested in taking the time to speak to customers, and more importantly, to listen to get feedback from existing clients and that is interested in what they have to say.

0800 Business Low Call Rate & Industry Leading Service levels
Here at 0800UK our 0800 and 0808 rates start from only 3.75p/minute with no other charges at all in many instances plus this price includes lots of online advanced call handling features. For high call volumes the 0800 tariff rate per minute is reduced to around 2p per minute or less again with features included in that one price and no other charges including no rentals for the numbers in most instances. 0800UK buys 08 numbers in huge wholesale quantities so we are able to pass on very competitive rates in comparison to what you might expect to pay if you approach one of the major telecom carriers directly. If you go to BT make sure you're sat down - otherwise you might just fall off your chair.

0800 Freephone Business Numbers
0800 numbers are proven to increase responses to sales/advertising campaigns by enabling your clients to call you for free. A memorable 0800 business number as your main contact number, such as a platinum or gold 0800 number, may help you to maintain a high profile within your industry.

You can even operate multiple 0800 numbers for different offices and departments or for advertising and marketing campaigns. Our advanced inbound call statistics will allow you to review the performance of each enabling you to make important business decisions regarding resource allocation or marketing campaign performance based on the information provided.

Buying Business 0800 Numbers
0800, 0808 or 0500 business numbers cost less to call than standard landline numbers, (with the exception of calls made from mobiles). As a virtual number, your 0800 number belongs to your business for life. Even if you should move premises you keep the number with you ensuring a smooth transition between offices. We can route the 0800 business number to any UK landline, overseas, to a mobile or to anywhere in the world. This is known as the International Call Termination of a UK 0800 call.

Good Looking 0800 Business Numbers
If you need a good 0800 number with a reliable service and a call management solution that comes complete with web portal access then here at 0800UK we have the business number solution for you. If you would like us to arrange a test number and account for you so that you can experience the benefits available to your business with one of our 0800 numbers then we will be happy to provide this.

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