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Virtual 01/02 Numbers

Virtual 01/02 Numbers

Virtual 01/02 Numbers

Make it easy & cheap for callers to contact you by phone by using a virtual 01 or 02 number, even when calling from mobile networks.

Our 01 or 02 numbers are virtual, that is they exist only in the cloud as service numbers i.e. the 01/02 virtual numbers themselves are not assigned to a physical telephone line or geographic location (unlike most telephone numbers).

They are deemed virtual numbers because they exist specifically within the carrier's network i.e. if someone calls an 01 or 02 virtual number what actually happens is that the call actually goes to the relevant telecom carrier and they then usually pass, route or terminate that call usually on to a geographic phone number/line. This happens seamlessly and neither the caller nor the call recipient notices any real difference between calling a virtual 01/02 number and calling a standard geographic 01 or 02 number.

Virtual numbers now include 01 and 02 numbers as well as the NGNs 08, 03 and 09 (non-geographic numbers). So if you need a local presence maybe because your customers will only buy from local suppliers then a 01 or 02 virtual telephone number could be an option for you. This is a new change as previously 01 or 02 numbers were only fixed geographical numbers that had to be assigned to a line. Your customer cannot tell whether the 01 or 02 number they dial is a virtual number, so you can maintain a local presence with these numbers in as many regions as you need.

If you have existing 01 or 02 physical landline telephone numbers for your business or organisation it is even possible for us to convert these into virtual numbers, allowing you to maintain your local presence while enabling you to get all the professional call handling features usually available to non-geographic 08 numbers such as call statistics, call routing, disaster recovery routing and so forth.

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