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Virtual 0800 Numbers

Virtual 0800 Numbers

Virtual 0800 Numbers

Virtual 0800 Freephone numbers are perfect for encouraging more calls to your business. Free to phone 0800 & 0808 UK numbers are easily the most recognisable non-geographical numbers across the UK telecom number ranges out there having been around for 25 years now.

Virtual 0800 numbers are very easy to set up (we can connect numbers instantly if required). These numbers route directly onto your existing phone lines (which you can still use/receive calls on as normal). You can have as many 0800's as you need to provision different points of contact, call centres or departments, these can route to multiple lines.

Virtual Freephone 0800 Telephone Numbers
Our regular 0800 Freephone 08 telephone numbers can be supplied totally for free, so that is free setup and no monthly service charges either. You obviously must pay per minute to receive the call as the caller is not paying to call you (landline callers only at the moment).

Virtual Gold 0800 or 0808
At 0800UK we have a wide range of gold freephone UK 0800 numbers at great low prices starting from only £100 for our best gold numbers. We can e-mail you a list of available gold 0800 numbers or, tell us what number you are looking for, and we will find you the new gold 0800 number you want, if it's available. Do not purchase your 0800 number until you have spoken to us 0800UK, you will be very happy with what we can offer.

Virtual Memorable 0800 UK Phone Numbers
Virtual yet memorable 0800 required? OK no problem you can build and strengthen your brand identity with a complete inbound solution and a brilliant virtual memorable 0800 number. We have a big selection of memorable 0800 numbers for you to choose from.

Virtual Freephone 0800 UK Numbers and Ofcom
The Freephone 0800 UK number range was released many years ago now but there are now known regulatory changes pending announcement which would affect all Freephone 0800 & 0808 numbers. Ofcom have stated that they will be looking at calls to 0800 from all networks including mobile networks, we expect these calls to become free for the caller at a point in the near future.

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