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Trustpilot & CSAT Reviews Trustpilot Rating to Reflect True Score

Trustpilot & CSAT Reviews Trustpilot Rating to Reflect True Score

Trustpilot & CSAT Reviews Trustpilot Rating to Reflect True Score

Measure and reflect a true customer sentiment by incorporating your CSAT scores through integrated api.

Everybody wants better Trustpilot ratings & by using CSAT you could reform your interaction and so Trustpilot scores will then better reflect true customer feelings.

Integration of CSAT & Trustpilot enables your organisation to totally redefine and transform your customer voice strategy.

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Our combined solution is complementary not contradictory:

08UK’s Digi-Desk Solution allows customer engagement with whom of your customers contact your teams via your website, email, SMS & social media.

Trustpilot allows feedback from customers operating outside of your touchpoints, and who use Google.

These new platforms integrated enable a much higher collection of verified reviews from direct customers, thus making it easier to receive good feedback whilst actually widening your organisations ‘listening capabilities’.

But this is not the most important reason.

The two main benefits of using a combined 08UK’s Digi-Desk Solution and Trustpilot are as follows:

To encourage customer reviews on Trustpilot following implementing 08UK-Digi-Desk surveys.

Particularly satisfied customers will feedback as this integration incites your satisfied customers to express themselves and this can then correct behavioural bias.

Trustpilot reviews will then reflect a vision that is closer to reality, scores could and should then increase ongoing as a result, with constant refinement.

By opening the capability to listen more intently this allows management to target and reduce significantly negative reviews.

The true customers voice via surveys & comments & sentiment analysis can pin point so teams can address any cause of any such dissatisfaction.

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