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New 0800 Number

New 0800 Number

New 0800 Number

New 0800 Numbers are available, go live today, with 08UK.

We are dedicated to all things 0800 & 0808. Supplying Quality driven resilient 08 & 03 numbers is what do here, we are a UK number company.

Yes we do provide 0800 numbers or better known as Freephone 080 numbers, for UK business.

We can put live today New Business 0800 free phone numbers along with new 0300, 0333, 0345, 0844, 0845 & 0871 numbers.

So what are these 0800 and 0808 numbers anyway?
They are virtual national phone numbers, so they are not assigned to any physical location. 0800 & 0808 are two dialling codes that are totally free for the caller to dial when using a UK landline, UK mobile or UK Payphone.

What's is the cost of operating 0800 Phone Numbers?
It costs around 6p/minute to run operate a free phone number. Because the owner pays for the calls, the idea is that the caller does not have too. Our 0800 rates start at 3.75ppm with no rental or set-up fees. We can usually reduce this starting rate too, after your 1st quarter Live with us you will have established your call traffic in minutes, so we look to adjust the rate then if we can bring it down - we will. It is free for the caller from any UK landline or UK mobile to dial any UK 0800.

08UK Ltd are one of the UK's up & coming providers of 0800 - Freephone - Telephone Numbers.
0800 PLC + 0300 or 0800 Charity + 0300 Government + Ltd + 0800 Freephone + Free Phone 0808 + 080 Freephone Numbers + Gold 0800 numbers + 0800 Freephone from UK mobile + Platinum 0800 = 08UK Ltd = Superior Inbound Solutions

If you do require a memorable 0800 number for your business, contact us today, gold 0800 free phone numbers obviously have a set-up fee, our good gold numbers start from only a few hundred pounds.

You can arrange new numbers or Move / Port any existing 0800 or 0808 free-phone numbers from any major network to us - seamlessly.

We manage UK free to phone: 0800 free from mobile, non-geographical numbers, call plans on a daily basis.

080 numbers can only be dialled from the UK and in general will not work if dialled from abroad so are for use in UK Marketing campaigns only.

Gold 0800 Numbers; NGN National 0800 Free Phone, 0800 NGN Number Porting: we are 08UK, please say no more.

Two-way call recording is available on-net i.e on the 0800 number itself is possible. Storage of these recordings is also possible. The management of this data is required in order to use only the allocated storage space required monthly.

0800 On-net call recordings has many applications which usually are specific and multi-site multi-person related, as obvious call recording on the PBX is often a much cheaper, if it is available as an additional option to your current.

The fundamental difference between a virtual number & a traditional landline number is; the 0800 instant call control that you get automatically with all virtual 0800 numbers. A mobile 'App' controls routing plans or to apply any DR plan, click for instant live control from the smart application.

Full advanced control means call routing scheduled in advance according to time, day or date. Pre-scheduled bank holidays & public holidays call plans allow those to have control to schedule the whole year in advance & specify automatic disaster recovery destinations for each IVR option.

The ability to have absolute precise call control over your contact centre at all times allows for the efficient delivery of calls to be streamlined into measureable quality standards where levels of achievement can be closely monitored.

Click on here for more on choosing your complex call routing features.

Click here to search our Standard Free Numbers or Click here to search our Gold Numbers now.

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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