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Moving Office Telecom Plan List

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Moving Office Telecom Plan List

Moving Office Telecom Plan List

If you are looking for a moving Office telecom plan list then you’ve come to the right place. At 08UK we’ve helped hundreds of companies seamlessly move their Telecoms systems to new horizons over 15 years of trading.

Whether your moving to new premises or simply expanding your business this can be an exciting time. It’s a time of change and a wonderful opportunity to introduce new working practices that can improve business performance. The change presents the perfect opportunity to review your current business telecoms set-up and check whether its fit for purpose for the next phase of your company’s evolution. These are areas to assess whether your current phone system is fit-for purpose.

Office Telecom Plan List Questions

1.   Can we move to a phone system that is a better and cheaper solution for our business?

2.   What new business phone technology exists that we need to consider?

3.   How can we best assess the scalability & flexibility issues that we will need?

4.   What phone solutions are best for the way we work?

5.   Can we take our current business phone numbers with us when we move office?

6.   How do we determine our cabling, infrastructure & connectivity requirements?

7.   What installation & maintenance processes will we need?

8.   What disaster recovery and back-up procedures do we need to have in place?

9.   VoIP or ISDN which is right for our business?

10.   We need a DDI Range?

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