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CSAT Survey – Are your Customers Happy?

CSAT Survey – Are your Customers Happy?

CSAT Survey – Are your Customers Happy?

CSAT Survey are your customers happy?

Are your customers happy? Phone call customer satisfaction feedback surveys (Post-call CSAT Surveys) allow you as an organisation to answer the important question.

Phone call client CSAT feedback offers every possible feedback from the caller, such interaction implements change, you can see if you are satisfying the needs of your clients.

Customer feedback is powerful, this feature does exactly as described. The accumulative opinions, attitudes of the customers, these answers form, do provide;- unsatisfied, satisfied, happy, unhappy, honest open window for feedback.

Apply to any Virtual Number this feature is an automated script prompting agent feedback (post-call) or a series of SMS/Text messages that do the same thing.

Rating Customers Happiness Using Post-Call Survey

When the call ends with the agent the caller/customer is then immediately connected to an IVR advising the caller to stay on to give feedback.

The caller responds to the prompted IVR automated questionnaire either in a formal or informal way so the former allows for scores between 0 to 9 or asks for voice comments to a number of questions.

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