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Local Rate Numbers

Local Rate Numbers

Local Rate Numbers

All 0845 numbers Ofcom describe as 'Local Rate Numbers'. Only a call made within your local area code is a true local call. 0845 does not match the description very well at all at the moment.

You would expect that 0845 numbers would be charged at a 'local rate', but strangely at the moment they are not. De-regulation has driven down prices so that the average businesses local call probably costs between 1.5p to 2p/minute now. Previously this was around 3p to 4p, which is the same rate that 0845 is still charged at today still for many business callers. Domestic callers have benefited in recent years to new call bundle packages that have included 0845 & 0870 calls in the minute bundle.

As 0844 or 0843 numbers cost between 2 pence and 5 pence per minute to call (depending upon the exact number range itself) when called from BT landlines so their low call rate description correctly reflects the cost to call these widely used numbers.
Note all 08 numbers when charged from a mobile number or from abroad, will charge more per minute, rates quoted are for calls from BT's network as other operators may charge more.

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