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0300 Numbers

0300 Numbers

0300 Numbers

What are these 0300 numbers anyway? Are they free to call like a 0800 then?

New 03 numbers were created in 2009 by Ofcom and by 2012 0300, 0333 or 0330 had become as popular as new freephone 0800 or 0808 numbers.

030 numbers are for use only by charity or government or not-for-profit companies, that is 0300, 0303 or 0302 numbers.

Any other organisation can use any other range of 03 i.e 0345, 0370, 0344, 0333, 0330 any of these ranges.

Perhaps you are not sure which UK 03 number you could have, with so many variations; 0300 - 0370 choose the right price for your business 03 service from us, we are 08UK.

Also, the good news is 030 numbers are also inexpensive to run for owner/users of such numbers. The 0300 or 0303 number costs much less per minute to receive calls on than if you were using a 0800 or 0808 numbers, so a saving for you and a saving for your callers too.

As all 0800 calls are from mobiles too, owners of 0800 numbers should expect their bills to be higher, so choosing any 03 over an 080 could be a very wise move financially.

Call Handling (get no more unanswered or abandoned calls) is easy with 08UK when you use; 0800, 0333, 0845, 0844, 0871 or virtual 01/02 business telephone numbers.

These are just some call handling feature that can be used in conjunction with your Smart number

Time of Day Call Routing

Welcome IVR Messages

Engaged Calls Routing

Unanswered Call Routing

Dead Tone Call Routing

Inbound Call Queuing

Black/White Call Routing

Postcode Area / Territory Routing

Area/Town/County Call Routing

Percentage Call Routing

Inbound Call Recording

Advanced Daily/Weekly Inbound Call Statistics

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