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Gold 0871 Number - Welcome and IVR recordings

Gold 0871 Number - Welcome and IVR recordings

Gold 0871 Number - Welcome and IVR recordings

Case Study: Media Vision Direct Ltd

Surrounding Background

Media Vision Direct Ltd specialise in selling International TV solutions to bars, clubs and the leisure industry. In September 2008 Mike Graham from Media Vision Direct Ltd (now called MVD in this article) came to 08UK to inquire about getting a memorable gold 0871 number to better support their increasing clients calls. By choosing a 0871 MVD intended to receive revenue too, to help finance their increasing staffing costs supporting their growing client portfolio.

Details Surrounding Commercial Charges / Costs.

08UK were able to provide the very memorable Gold 0871 number at a superb quality MVD were very happy with, at a great low set up price too. As the 0871 number is a premium rate number it creates a revenue per minute (when delivering calls to UK landline) which is paid to MVD by 08UK on a monthly ongoing basis. The welcome & IVR recordings were arranged by Mike and supplied to meaning 08UKs only charge was for the Gold number.

08UK does not charge any ongoing rental per month for the use of the gold 0871 number, nor do we charge for the web portal access control nor for the call handling features provided within the portal. MVD continues to be paid monthly revenue by 08UK for the 0871 number which delivers the calls to their various office landline numbers, MVD earn their 0871 rebate on a per second, per minute basis.

Overall Outcome

MVD required 08UK to build a fairly standard inbound call plan to support their business operational needs and departmental interactions. An out of hours routing plan was also created to play a sorry but we are closed recording during evenings and weekends and public holidays.

The 0871 number always answers the caller with a brand strengthening recording to inform all callers that they have called MVD. This unified music in the background wav response then activates the virtual PBX features so the IVR options for departments are then read out to the caller.

MVD expanded into another office location fairly quickly, so required us to change the destination numbers of some of their department options. The process of delivering calls so they routed to the new office was very easy thanks to the virtual 0871 number as we simply reroute the calls in the cloud (no fixed line).

MVD arranged for a professional recordings to be produced for any/every scenario of their callers possible experience, so had produced a welcome message, out of hours, sorry all lines are engaged, sorry but we are experiencing a fault, plus departmental recordings if they were unable to handle calls at any given time. Thanks to 08UK moving offices for MVD was a very easy and seamless process from as telephony perspective and no new numbers needed to be changed / re-advertised.

MVD required the ability to change the routing calls of their calls instantly if one office was unattended they had a requirement to re-point calls and so we set up MVD with online web portal access so any member of their team can login securely to make changes exactly when required.

MVD received from 08UK detailed step by step training on the online portal, a free resource, our operations team ran through the portal with MVD and now they are now confidently making their own call plan changes without 08UK support. However should they need our support MVD are safe in the knowledge that if required the operations team can jump in to assist.

By supplying MVD with a new virtual memorable 0871 number that could be routed to their office we were able to solve MVD needs. The number was of a quality that is it very easy to remember and using this number has helped MVD get revenue to aid their business running costs. MVD was also able to advertise their 0871 premium number on their website and promotional material knowing they own the number for Life.

What MVD said about 08UK

08UK have been our supplier for 8-9 years now, I got a fantastic quality 0871 number from them, plus we get a great revenue from them per minute from the 0871 calls, which actually helps a lot towards our staffing costs. Having received a payment every month without fail since we started using the number, I am happy to recommend their services to other UK companies.

Mike Graham - 0871 700 5555 - www.mediavisiondirect.com - Media Vision Direct Ltd

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