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BT 0800 Numbers

BT 0800 Numbers

BT 0800 Numbers

Here at 08UK we offer a great real no compromises alternative to BT. 0800 numbers cost/minute & BT often charge to build complex call plans, for rentals per number and for IVR features, where we are willing to do all of this usually with no charges. Frankly we believe we are a better solution than lots of other major telecom companies too, as 0800 and 0808 number providers, not just BT.

Through our major carrier relationships we are able to offer highly competitive low 0800 rates & call handling improvements too on all our 0800 number services, all complete with a reliable and resilient service.

Resilient Tier1 Carriers BT Alternatives - from 08UK - for 0800 Numbers
An important aspect of any virtual 0800 number service is that the service is delivered through a major tier1 carrier resilient network where failures and downtime are very rare indeed and where call quality is the equivalent of a traditional BT call.

I.P Call Compression
New technologies allow for compression technology to squeeze calls down into small packets which can affect the overall caller's experience with echo, delay or crackling on the line. Ofcom determine which carriers are given tier1 call quality status and we only work with a carefully selected handful of major & award winning major tier1 carriers whom all have the very latest advanced inbound call handling platforms that are suitable to deliver voice calls across any physical communication set up.

Virtual 0800 numbers' calls can be delivered complete with a robust disaster recovery solution.
Traditional 01/02 phone numbers attached to lines (such as ISDN circuits) are prone to faults (such as when there is cable damage or a power failure - which is quite common). With virtual 0800 numbers in the event of such a disaster - the call plan can automatically detect a fault & then route the calls to another line or location/office giving you continuity of service and real peace of mind.

01 and 02 numbers - 08UK The Real Alternative to BT
Need the benefits of professional call features but need to continue to use your existing landline numbers rather than incorporating new 0800 numbers? Then ok no problem we can still help you.

We can convert existing landline numbers into virtual numbers (0208 or 0161 numbers for example), offering the same tier1 carrier benefits and call management features that you get with 0800 business numbers.

You don't need BT - Look at 08UK's 0800 Number Features and Benefits

  • 0800 Statistics for Effective Marketing Results
  • Itemised actual CDR 0800 Call Statistics
  • 0800 Online Web Management
  • Postcode Territory Routing using 0800 Phone Numbers - Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Postcode Area Routing 0800
  • 0800 Enhancing Improving Customer Service
  • 0800 Alternative Continuity Routing Plans
  • 0800 Ratio Multi-office Routing
  • 0800 New Sales & Customer Service
  • 0800 Market Research
  • 0800 Call Recording FSA Standard
  • 0800 Call Whisper
  • 0800 Disaster Recovery Continuity
  • Free Phone 0800 Routing on Engaged or Unanswered
  • 0800 Call Options & Effective Call Handling
  • 0800 Inbound Bespoke Call Plans
  • 0808 Alternatives to 0800
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