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Port 0871 Porting 08 Numbers

Port 0871 Porting 08 Numbers

Port 0871 Porting 08 Numbers

Port 0871 Porting 08 Numbers
Not happy with your current 0871 provider? Want to port move your existing numbers to a new alternative UK supplier? Porting is the process of moving. Perhaps your current telecom company are not paying you per minute or perhaps that rate is basically not very good.

For example BT offer (as standard) 2p rebate at all times - yet here at 08UK we start clients on almost double that figure; 3.75p. The transfer of numbers is a set industry agreed process known as porting. Here at 08UK because we support virtual phone numbers, we are constantly dealing with porting & the transfer of 08, 03 & 09 numbers to our accounts from other companies.

We are applying to port/move, porting virtual numbers almost constantly between these carriers:
(BT) British Telecom 0871
NTL 0871
(Opal Telecom) Talk Talk 0871
Vodafone 0871
(Kingston) 0871 K-Com
Energis 0871
Telstra 0871
Gamma 0871
Thus 0871
Telewest 0871
Virgin 0871
Syntec 0871

We are usually moving/porting numbers from our competitors on a daily or certainly weekly basis. We are porting moving 08, 03 & 09 numbers all the time so we know how to seamless transfer your 0871 to our tier1 carrier accounts or we can arrange for an internal migration within a carrier so you simply receive a reduced bill from 08UK.

We will aim to improve your service & increase your return/rebate. Plus you take advantage of our free features to build the best 0871 call handling solution complete with a thorough DR plan. We are 08UK, we are porting 0871's regularly. We can tell you absolutely instantly if we can move your 0871 or 0872 number. If we can't there is a good chance you can't move anywhere unfortunately, as we have seven major networks our porting possibilities are wide ranging, so if you can move chances are you can move to 08UK.

For more information please call us for free on 0800 692 7000 or email our team using new@08uk.co.uk & we will be happy to call you back.