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0870 Numbers

0870 Numbers

0870 Numbers

Many think owning a 0870 number is good for promoting calls following Ofcom changes, that were applied back on 1st August 2009. Now, calls to 0870 numbers are often included in minute bundles, especially on domestic telephone supply contracts (including domestic BT deals). Plus callers pay the same price to call any 0870 number as they would if they were calling nationally to a landline 01 or 02 number.

All sounds good? As owners/users of 0870 numbers, you now pay per minute to receive calls, as the caller pays a discounted national rate. Perhaps the number is entrenched into your business & business literature... That's fine! You can begin to focus on the long run and look to introduce the new 0370 over a long period.

So what is the issue still with business using 0870 now? Why is 08UK advising all 0870 users to change to the 0370 equivalent number of your 0870?

During 2011 more voice calls were carried by mobile carriers than by the fixed landline carriers. As calling any 03 from a mobile is charged at the same price as calling any 01/02 number they are included in mobile bundles, so in short you should receive more calls if you use an 0370.

Replacing your 0870 with the 0370 number equivalent, we can often secure these from the UK major carriers for you, or secure it yourself then you can move this new 03 to us 08UK.

The exact 0370 numbers are available to owners of 0870 numbers from the same originating carrier as the 08 came from (only this carrier can give you this number). Once you have your 03 equivalent then you can move both 0870 & 0370 numbers to 08UK using our seamless porting service, there is usually no charge for this.

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