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0845 BT end revenue share

0845 BT end revenue share

0845 BT end revenue share

Back in April 2012 BT made a change which put an end to 0845 revenue share. 0845 BT end revenue share meant a stop for those companies that were used to receiving a revenue for receiving calls onto their 0845 number.

Now post Ofcom 2015 changes some 0845 for higher call volumes can again earn per minute for inbound 0845 minutes. The 0845 reduction in general from 3.4p/min to 2p/min plus your phone companies access charge means most 0845 offer no revenue. However we have 0845 numbers where we are able to pass on a revenue now starting from 1p/minute. Some 0844 & 0845 numbers are 2p/minute, some are 3p, 4p, some are up 7p/minute plus access charge.

Many UK 0845 suppliers / providers may start charging per minute to support 0845 number service. 0345 numbers are already chargeable per minute as the call is discounted for the caller so the owners shares some of the cost of the call. Replace your 2p/minute 0845 with the 0345 number equivalent to help to promote more calls, such a change will increase responses to marketing as 03 calls are included in bundles, 03 are mobile friendly for callers.

The very best number range to achieve the highest returns is an 0800 / 0808 free phone of course. Following 0800 being (on mobile call packages) made to be free to call from any line in UK means for mobile callers there is no difference between 03 & 01/02 but best of all is 080. Everybody loves calling Freephone 0800 numbers.

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