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Choose 0845 numbers

Choose 0845 numbers

Choose 0845 numbers

Choose a new 0845 from the best UK 0845 Provider

We take pride in our belief that we are the best UK provider of 0845 local rate numbers.
A bold statement but we also know our market, the competition can do nothing better specifically than we can (that we know of anyway). We are a smaller but up & coming telecom company we offer very competitive rates at all volumes and can offer totally free number services too if budgets have been slashed.

As a major tier1 network re-seller we focus on quality not the cheapest price and so we only use the largest most resilient carriers in the UK; Gamma, BT, Vodafone & Virgin Media.

We like to build our 0800 offer into just one simple pence rate. For new starters we can usually reduce this starting rate too, after your number has been Live with us for three months we will have established your call traffic in minutes, so then we can look to adjust the rate, if we can improve - we will. It is free for the caller from a UK landline or UK mobile to dial any UK 0800/0808 number.

Do you really just want the very cheapest 0800 supplier / provider?
Be careful you do not get stuck with a poor 0800 service, poor 0800 call quality, or 0800 billing issues & can't move the 0800 number away. We believe here at 08UK (we take pride in the fact that we believe) we are amongst the best suppliers of number solutions to UK business. We have been trading for over ten years now and have become a leading 0845 online supplier, new 0845 or go new 0345 number: want a new 08 or 03 number live today? All no problem, give us a shout today.

The best good looking 0845's are called Gold 0845 or Platinum 0845 numbers, the most memorable 0845s help to get new business campaigns produce a higher return. Callers can remember your catchy 0845 number - so are more likely to contact/call you.


0845 Number Features


0845 0345 with Call Handling

Arguably it always better to have call handling features on the 0845 or 0345 in the cloud, rather than on your PBX, i.e not after the Freephone number has delivered the call to you.

Capacity issues will not affect the ability of the cloud to handle simultaneous calls, callers will never hear engaged or unanswered, these responses are typical of a non-cloud PBX delivered solution.


0845 0345 with Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery 0845 0345 Plans are pre-built separate 08 plans (Each one, we build at no charge, once you have anticipated each potential DR scenario). We can even assist during inter-connect fault scenarios as we represent multiple major tier1 networks.

In the event of any disaster, most important, is the instant ability to re-route calls. The 0345 number could commonly be the path through which new business opportunities contact your company, losing a sales call means missing a potential sale.


0845 0345 with Area Call Routing

Where a company has multiple locations/branches here in the UK it is possible for callers to one national 0845 or 0345 number to be directed to the local customer support branch i.e calls from the London area are routed to London and those from say 0161 Manchester go to Manchester.

Each line that calls your 0845 or 0345 presents a presentation number to the inbound call plan. By doing so the line indicates where in the country the caller is as for instance all 0121 calls are from Birmingham and all 0207 or 0208 are from London.

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.