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0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers

0800 Numbers

0800 business phone numbers are a very popular 08 number range choice right now. Publicly recognised instantly as being free to call from landlines, these great numbers have increased in popularity since mid 2015 when a new Ofcom directive made 0800 free to call form a UK mobile.

The 0800 range was released to provide a promotional alternative to 0845 and 0870 type business numbers which now are effectively being phased out replaced by 03 equivalents. 0800 numbers also offer a true national presence to your business encouraging UK country-wide calls.

08UK specialise in providing NGN numbers to businesses both large and small, and being specialists in this field enables us to compete with the major telecom brands in this niche regardless of whether your current telecom supplier is BT, TalkTalk Business, Opal, Vodafone, Gamma or Telstra.

0800 Freephone Business Number
0800 business numbers are proven to increase responses to sales/advertising campaigns by enabling your clients to call you for free. Having memorable 0800 business numbers as your main contact numbers, such as a platinum or gold 0800 number, will also help you to maintain a high profile within your industry.

Porting 0800 Business Number
We are able to move/port seamlessly most 0800 business numbers that use major tier 1 carriers to our own accounts here at 08UK. This is known as porting 0800/0808 numbers and anyone with a BT , Virgin Media, Opal, Totem/TalkTalk, Global Crossing, Vodafone, Gamma, Kingston or Telstra number can move their 0800 business numbers to 08UK. Porting 0800 is what we are doing all day every day.

Buy a new Gold 0800 Number
Buying a new 0800, 0808 gold business number can cost less than you think if you find the right company i.e 08UK. As a virtual 080 number, your 0800 number belongs to your business for life. Even if you should move premises - you keep your number with you ensuring a smooth transition between offices. We can route your Gold 0800 number to any UK, Overseas, UK Mobile or any other destination anywhere in the world. This is known as international call termination using a UK 0800 number.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk & we will be happy to call you back.

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