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New 03 Numbers, 0300, 0330

New 03 Numbers, 0300, 0330

2010 was the first year ever that more voice minutes were carried on the mobile networks than on the fixed line networks marking a shift in call habits & the popularity of mobiles for personal calls here in the UK.

With so many calls now being made from mobiles, it is essential that mobile callers contacting businesses are given transparency in their call charges rather than the mobile networks being able to charge standard network rates (up to 40p/min) to call an 08 number.

The relatively new 03 number range addresses this issue completely as calls to these numbers are charged at the same rate as calling any 01 or 02 number when called from mobiles and landlines.

Calls to 03 numbers are therefore also included in many mobile call bundles making them a popular choice for many companies looking to keep charges down for their callers i.e to encourange calls.

0300 numbers from within the 03 number options have been specifically allocated by Ofcom for use solely by charities, not for profit organizations, the NHS and or other governmental departments only. Other common options like 0330 and 0333 numbers have also been released for use by all UK companies.

With calls to 03 numbers being discounted to a local rate for the caller, the number owner does have to contribute towards the cost of the call per minute but at a much cheaper rate than if an 0800 had been chosen. With Ofcom planning on making calls to 0800 numbers free from All networks (including mobiles) 03 numbers are a wise choice for those looking for the correct commercial balance.

For advice you can contact Ofcom on: 0300 123 3333.
Or alternatively visit their website by clicking below.

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us.
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