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Social Media - Email - Chat - Keyword Monitoring - Complaints

Social Media - Email - Chat - Keyword Monitoring - Complaints

Social Media - Email - Chat - Keyword Monitoring - Complaints

Social media & UK business, the ongoing ever developing relationship. Engaging with your customers & other new potential clients through social media forums is essential for some organisations. The UK’s aspiring and established brands need to do everything they can to ensure clients are happy. The voice of an unhappy customer on social media for the world to see is not going to do anything but drag the company’s positive vibe – down.

Social media monitoring is the activity of tracking social media channels. This tool or on-net feature is not an inbound call handling feature but is allowing you to deal with comments that you can then respond to have to allows an organisation to measure & find out what is being discussed about them. Track competitors or other words of interest. The goal is to assess the public reputation and to be alerted to significant changes on social media channels.

Businesses today may have a team (the web team) where often their sole responsibility is the companies social presence. Monitoring the social world, Facebook and Twitter in particular have become the perfect forum to voice your real opinion of a company and your experience with them, be it good or bad or ugly. The true ‘voice of a customer’ can be heard on social media platforms where a customer will say what they really think of their experience.

They may not be prepared to speak so truthfully whilst the agent is still on the phone with them. Whilst incorporating post–call CSAT survey’s is a superb option for some companies monitoring hearing or viewing the real unprompted written words of the general public can be very powerful and insightful. Anybody posting content that is discussing your; company, trading name, products, industry, brands, competitors, or slangs can be monitored. It is of course the words ‘your keywords’ that can be monitored.

What is powerful about our solution here is that we have incorporated this feature into the call agent, customer services agent tool kit. No longer have a separate team of web social monitoring tool interaction agents, one single multi-channel agent could be able to stay in live contact with a person whom raised a comment is social and bring that person through to a call or web chat. Better to see and use the solution for yourself for a month, and see the usefulness, the keywords you choose are the key to the power of this solution.

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We are offering Class 5 Next Generation Network solutions, on a high availability scalable platform complete with full redundancy. We operate across major tier1 carriers namely; British Telecom, Citrus & Vodafone.

In an era of continuing convergence and cost reduction, 08UK are here to provide solutions that enable our customers the migration to next generation networking. We provide 24/7 support and automated SMS to support our teams as well as manned telephones backed up by 24/7 support from all carriers. Full hardware redundancy is built into the ECT solution complete with component redundancy and load balancing to provide "major tier1 carrier grade service reliability".

08UK has over 15yrs+ expertise meaning we can offer a bespoke inbound commercial solution that will only compliment your customer care & sales teams.

We are the UK’s quality focused business telecom service provider, call us for free on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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