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Cheaper 0800 Quote Price

Cheaper 0800 Quote Price

Cheaper 0800 Quote Price

Compare your 0800 rate today, find out if the rate you are paying could be improved upon. Are you with BT direct? If you are you may be able to half your monthly 0800 bill.


We are 08UK, give us a try, let us prepare an alternative 0800 quote for your Freephone minutes. Getting quotes your 0800 minutes, first ensure you can port/move your 0800 numbers to that carrier network, as not all numbers can be moved freely.


In fact you could have chosen a new 0800 number from a number range holder where you can’t move elsewhere – at all. None major carrier numbers maybe not be move-able as a porting agreement may not exist between the two networks. Without an agreed porting process, no numbers can be moved. Do not compromise quality & resilience – to get a cheaper 0800 quote/price. Also firstly there is absolutely no point getting a good alternative 0800 quote from a UK supplier that you then can not actually physically move your 0800 numbers too. Do not get stuck with a bad 0800 rate or poor 0800 service – by not asking the important question; “Who can we move our 0800’s too – if we are not totally happy?” 

It is not like moving your mobile from Vodafone to EE, not all number range holders have a Porting relationship in place. Ofcom states users of 0800 numbers should be able to move freely between UK suppliers – this is enforced by rules that force porting relationships to be formed.

In practise – a lot of restrictions cause lots of problems for those wishing to get the best alternative 0800 quote. If you can port (port means move) your 0800 numbers then chances are you will be able to move your 0800 numbers to us - 08UK. 
We have more porting relationships than most of our competitors. 

Starting July 2015 Ofcom applied 
0800 and 0808 new rules – which made all calls from all UK lines – totally free- landline or mobile any call to any 080 number; 0800 or 0808, is now totally free – including from Pay Phones. 0500 withdrawn by Ofcom July 2015 – used as I.P numbers now. 
For 30 years these calls have only been free from UK landline networks. With 25+ million mobile handsets in the UK many only use their mobiles to make all their voice calls now, some simply never pick up a landline, many only have a landline because they need it to run ADSL.  

The majority of people hear in the UK have understood for many years that 08’s are more expensive if dialled from their mobile, this negative is now totally removed. The 0800 Ofcom change made in 2015 was a big change for 0800, for 30 years this has been wrong, since 0800 was actually first created & the mobile networks first emerged. The first mobile call made on UK in 1985, things have changed a bit since then. Finally we join the rest of Europe where most have not ever paid from their mobile networks to dial ‘free-phone’ numbers. If you are not using a 080 we recommend you buy a new number today, 0800 is perfect for:- New Sales or Customer Support.

0800 is now the New Feel Good 08.  Please contact us or call us now for free on 0800 692 7000.



0800 Complex Call Routing

Clever call handling features that allow for scenarios where callers would otherwise not be dealt with quickly are great to ensure calls are answered. Click on here for more on choosing your complex call routing features.

The ability to have absolute precise call control over your contact centre at all times allows for the efficient delivery of calls to be streamlined into measureable quality standards where levels of achievement can be closely monitored.


0800 Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plans are pre-built separate plans (Each one, we build at no charge, once you have anticipated each potential DR scenario). We can even assist during inter-connect fault scenarios as we represent multiple major tier1 networks.

In the event of any disaster, most important, is the instant ability to re-route calls. The 0800 number could commonly be the path through which new business opportunities contact your company, losing a sales call means missing a potential sale.


0800 Instant Call Control

The fundamental difference between a virtual number & a traditional landline number is; the 0800 instant call control that you get automatically with all virtual 0800 numbers. A mobile 'App' controls routing plans or to apply any DR plan, click for instant live control from the smart application.

Full advanced control means call routing scheduled in advance according to time, day or date. Pre-scheduled bank holidays & public holidays call plans allow those to have control to schedule the whole year in advance & specify automatic disaster recovery destinations for each IVR option.

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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