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Buy 0845 New

Buy 0845 New

Buy 0845 New

Get yourself a quality national 0845 solution today, buy your new 0845 from us, we are 08UK Ltd. Choose carefully once you know the call costs because if you are choosing to implement and buy a new 0845 or a new 0800 number, the decision could have a massive impact on your organisation - depending upon what number is currently being advertised.

If your using 0845 you will be putting callers off, as to dial an 0845 from a mobile may cost 49ppm on an EE handset.

EE are frankly charging much more than any other network to call 084 & 087 numbers.

In an attempt to explain why the move to buy a 0845 new numbers could not be very positive, it is important first to note that in 2011 for the first time more calls were carried by UK's mobile networks than were carried by traditional fixed land lines. Everyone is of course using their mobile handsets now when they want to make a call, not picking up a landline.


If 0845 is the range you are considering using as a new number, don't, but are just charging your callers more to contact you.

Mobile callers strangely seem to think that calls to 03 numbers are free as they are charged at a set rate, like £25 for unlimited text & calls to 01, 02 or 03 numbers. A fair usage policy applies but in general 03 is great for mobile users. If you are a charity then choose 0300, if you are not a charity then please pick an 0333 as the best way forward.

0845 Number Features


0845 0345 with Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery 0845 0345 Plans are pre-built separate 08 plans (Each one, we build at no charge, once you have anticipated each potential DR scenario). We can even assist during inter-connect fault scenarios as we represent multiple major tier1 networks.

In the event of any disaster, most important, is the instant ability to re-route calls. The 0345 number could commonly be the path through which new business opportunities contact your company, losing a sales call means missing a potential sale.


0845 0345 with Auto Line Failure Detection

Our 0845 or 0345 solutions actually have Auto-DR functionality so if a line fault was automatically detected on your ISDN30 then the 0345 platform & call plan would then place the calls somewhere else, so there is no loss of service and no manual reaction would be required.

Automatic DR, auto divert on busy or dead tone are clever features designed to keep the calls flowing. If a destination has rang for 10 seconds the caller will start to think about putting the phone down. Don't let abandoned calls affect your sales performance.


0845 0345 with Instant Call Control

The fundamental difference between a virtual 0345 number & a traditional landline number is the instant call control that comes with all virtual 0345 numbers. A mobile 'App' controls routing plans or to apply any DR plan, click for instant live control from the smart application.

Full advanced control means call routing scheduled in advance according to time, day or date. Pre-scheduled bank holidays & public holidays call plans allow those to have control to schedule the whole year in advance & specify automatic disaster recovery destinations for each IVR option.

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If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.