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Inbound Call Routing Features

Inbound Call Routing Features

Inbound Call Routing Features

The most efficient call centre is always looking for improvements to their inbound call routing features.

Clever monitoring of; call waiting times, average call length, abandoned rates on IVR, all aim to monitor closely any customers call queue’s, ultimately improving… ‘the caller’s experience’.

Features allow control of your calls exists to best support callers needs no matter the emergency.

Handling your inbound using the advanced platform features means maximising your virtual numbers functionality to cover bank holidays; Christmas/Easter, set departmental opening times, apply a disaster recovery plan.

Missing no calls is the aim, no-body ever experiencing engaged or dead or a ringing out of on-hold forever experience. Any such IVR or queue driven solution must allow you to set a quality of experience target.

Hunting calls, forwarding, call recording and voicemail, day, date, postcode, area, town, individual mobile….. routing based plans are all possible.

Voice recognition, IVR or DTMF enhanced can offer you the call centre manager to interact virtually.

By controlling & changing the numbers flow of calls plus offering really useful practical, DR enhancing, agent skill utilizing, robust, call recorded, post-call survey, superior IVR, and much more, we take pride in your callers inbound expertise.

We are here to not just take an order but understand your goals and suggest new feature rich – Inbound call handling platform technology, perhaps API integration driven solutions.

With many of our features included in one simple rate, we recommend you make the most. Enhance the real voice of your company using agents and a virtual plan to offer a 24/7/365 robust call solution.

Want us to explain these features in more detail then please call us now for free on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.