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Your Christmas telecoms survival guide

Your Christmas telecoms survival guide

Is your business ready for Christmas? With Covid-19 restricting nearly every aspect of life right now, it’s more important than ever to get your business telecoms plan in place. Here's our advice for making your telecoms work for you this Christmas.

Add a Christmas message

Lots of businesses receive a much higher volume of phone calls at this time of year, which can add to an already busy workload of completing orders or running seasonal campaigns before Christmas. This year we’ve got the added pressure of Covid-19 to deal with, putting extra pressure on workforces as people take time off for illness or to quarantine. 

If your business gets more phone calls at Christmas, then ask our team at 08UK about a festive interactive voice response (IVR) system. This will interact with your callers to gather their information, and direct them through to the relevant department. 

An IVR system works especially well for businesses who want to highlight season offerings, or promote Christmas marketing campaigns. Not only will this speed up efficiency and streamline your processes, it will also make a busy festive period much easier for you and your business.  

Add a Christmas call plan to your IVR

If Christmas means more travelling and deliveries - like Santa - then you may need to change the way incoming calls are handled. This can be easily arranged by our 08UK Operations Team, who are extremely efficient and always available to make changes in a timeframe that meets your expectations.

Changing your Christmas call plan could be especially useful if you want to be flexible with your opening and closing hours this Christmas. So give our team a call and we can arrange this for you when you need it.

Manage high call volumes by diverting calls

The coronavirus pandemic means lots of businesses have had to change the way they communicate with their customers this year. If you’re experiencing high volumes of calls this festive period, and your business is currently operating an inbound 08, 03, 01 or 02 number, you may need to divert some calls to different departments during busy times.

Whether your colleagues are quarantining at home, or they’re on the move more than usual this Christmas, calls can be routed to their mobile phones. This is a big step towards an easier festive period for everyone.  

Prepare for winter weather with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Having a Disaster Recovery Call plan that is uploaded onto your inbound phone numbers helps ensure you are operational and delivering a professional response, regardless of the circumstances. If your team is struggling to get into work because of heavy snow, or having to work from home due to Covid-19 restrictions, then calls can be routed to alternate destinations, such as home phone numbers instead of office numbers.

Get your Christmas telecoms plan in place right away, by talking to one of our team on 0800 692 7000, or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.