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Why having a 0800 number helps your business

Why having a 0800 number helps your business

Why having a 0800 number helps your business

So what is a 0800 number? 0800 is a freephone number which does not charge the caller. Instead the cost is picked up by the business that owns the number. 0800 numbers were introduced in 1985 and were very popular as a freephone number for businesses when most calls came from landline phones. The growth of mobile phones, and confusion around call charges, meant 0800 numbers became less used until 2015, when Ofcom removed all call charges from freephone numbers for landline and mobile phones.

Now freephone numbers like 0800 are being snapped up by businesses who understand the benefits of a using a freephone number. Here are five reasons why using a 0800 number helps your business.

1. Grow your audience with a nationally recognised phone number

Sometimes using a local phone number for your business can limit its national appeal, and reduce the number of prospective customers. If your business is based in Manchester, but works with customers all around the country, using a 0800 number can open up your business to a wider audience. 

Customers are also far more likely to choose a freephone number over a paid geographical option, particularly now that Ofcom has ruled all 0800 numbers are free from all mobile phone networks.

2. Your phone number stays the same

As 0800 numbers are non-geographic, they aren’t tied to a particular region. As work spaces become more flexible, and people increasingly work from co-working office spaces and home, 0800 numbers are one thing that remains the same. So if your registered office or email address change, your phone number stays put. As long as you keep your 0800 number and have it routed through to a landline or mobile number, callers will always be able to get through to your business.

3. Stand out from the crowd

When you use a 0800 number for your business, you can choose a number that your customers will remember. This is particularly useful if you want a new sales campaign to stand out from the crowd. At one end of the scale, standard 0800 numbers are cheap to rent and used by businesses that just need a functioning number. At the other end are Platinum and Gold 0800 numbers, which consist of memorable blocks of numbers and can cost a lot more to set up. 

08UK provides standard and gold standard, memorable numbers for technical support, general customer service or new sales enquiry lines. Our prices are very reasonable compared to other providers too. Find out more about our 0800 number service here.

4. Get better results from your advertising

If you’re promoting the launch of a new product or service, you can find out what type of advertising delivers the best results by allocating different freephone 0800 numbers to each advert. Then you look at the call analytics offered by 08UK to see which campaign worked the best. When you find a winner – or winners – you can adapt your budget to fit the campaign. Simples!

5. 0800 numbers mean happier customers

A great way of letting your customers know you value their business is offering them a free and easy way of communicating with you. Not everyone likes to email, tweet, direct message or live chat, and offering your customers the chance to pick up a phone and talk – for free – is a great way of showing you care about them. 


If you want to know more about freephone 0800 numbers, or to set one up, give our team a call on 0800 692 7000. Or you can email new@08uk.co.uk and we’ll call you back.