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Why a 0800 Freephone Number is better than any landline number to use for your business

Why a 0800 Freephone Number is better than any landline number to use for your business


On the 1st July 2015 Ofcom ruled that Freephone 0800 numbers would be free to call from all UK mobile handsets and UK Payphones too as well as all UK landlines. Finally after 30 years this ended. 

Now and as a result we have noticed a huge increase in the demand for 0800 business phone numbers. Every customer likes to make a free enquiry plus there are many practical and operational reasons why an 0800 is significantly more appropriate for your business growing needs and requirements than any traditional fixed landline number.

The purpose of this article is to explore 0800 and to highlight why a landline number simply isn’t the right choice for your businesses commercially.

The benefits to owning a 0800 could be that you see your phone enquiries raise substantially. This is fact, studies show you will get more calls with an 0800 compared to the same advert showing a landline contact number.

Any businesses wanting to grow and win more sales should consider this real factor. Converting a large percentage of those extra enquiries into sales is then paying for your monthly bill. 

Is it is worth paying 3 pence to have someone call you for free? Yes definitely we say. Your 0800 bill frankly could be insignificant in comparison to the business revenue generated by those sales calls.m

Using a landline number for business is simply not the right way to go if you’re looking for National presence and value both future and existing clients. Perception is changing and we will soon reach a point where businesses without a 0800 number will be in the minority we believe.
Some 0800 stocks are in short supply with some carriers claiming they can no longer offer any new 0800 numbers, especially the 6 digit 0800 number range via BT. 

A 0800 National Freephone is a virtual number based in the cloud that routes to a landline in your office or mobile or sequence of landlines and mobiles. Every caller receives a unified response and the robust features that can be applied in the cloud mean that you never miss a call. 

If 500 people all phoned your 0800 number at the exact same moment every one of them would receive your “Hello & Welcome to the company..” response. 

Yes we highly recommend you apply a brand strengthening welcome to your 0800 number with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) options to route to different departments in your office or offices. Here at 08UK we will help you to do this at no charge.

Many features can be applied in the cloud to your 0800 number that couldn’t be applied to a fixed landline number, these features are fully customisable and could be added as your business grows.

If you have your landline number printed all over your merchandise, vans and promotional material have you ever wondered what would happen if you decided to move offices?

Maybe you should think of moving to a new Memorable 0800 number today before the best of the numbers are all gone. 0808 ranges from Ofcom now offer future alternatives to 0800.

At 08UK we have some of the finest memorable 0800 numbers available on the market today. We only represent the Major Tier 1 Networks BT, Virgin, Vodafone, Gamma and Citrus so there is no compromise on call quality.

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.