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Why 03 Numbers are taking over the UK

Why 03 Numbers are taking over the UK

Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the very same rate as any call to any 01 or 02 landline from any network within the UK including from mobiles. A 03 number is less expensive than a Freephone to operate (as the call is not free for caller) and yet using a 03 then offers an organisation all the functional inbound benefits of being a cloud number. All 03 numbers are cloud numbers so have no geographical location. Incorporating gold 03 numbers into your business could provide you with the savviest solution for businesses needing to offer a customer friendly & robust contact number.

In July 2015 Ofcom made changes to the way in which 08 numbers are charged. The outcome has made a Freephone number now true to its description as a now it is a ‘free to phone’ however this in turn has caused an increase in the running/operating cost of a Freephone 080 number for owners.

The UK's Most Popular Business Phone Number 

03 Numbers are rapidly turning into the UK's most desirable and popular business telephone number. This is largely down to them being a very low charge to call, plus they are also inexpensive to use. Calls to 03 numbers are never charged at more than a call to a 01 or 02 number and are also included within landline and mobile monthly minute’s packages. Indeed many see calls to 01, 02 or 03 numbers are being free (which is not correct) as they are paying a set amount for unlimited calls to these numbers to say EE as part of a bundle deal.

New 03 numbers start with 0300, 0333 or 0330 usually however 0345 numbers have also been made available to help replace the corresponding 0845 and similarly 0370 to replace 0870 making moving to 03 more smooth transition. If you have any 084 or 087 including 0871 or 0844 you can get the 0344 or 0371 equivalent.

How will my business benefit from using a 03 number? 

Giving your clients a professional business phone number instantly gives your business a national presence engaging a national extensive audience, not specifically your local area. 

When you get a 03 business number from 08UK you can benefit from our free call handling features which include free plans to include (IVR) interactive voice response, engaged & unanswered calls routing plus offer auto disaster recovery planning. You can also benefit from a 30 day rolling contract or a contract length that suits your business requirements. 

Why choose a 03 number over a 0800? 

When using 0800 you pay an extra cost for calls originating from a mobile, which in today’s current climate is likely to be most of your client calls. This makes 03 more cost effective number range to use. 

03 Number Disaster Recovery

If your business premises endures a power cut or serious occurrence, you can have complete peace of mind that you won't miss any of your business calls. Your 03 number can be re-directed instantly to another landline or mobile through one of our online portals or by contacting our 24 hour faults line. At 08UK we only use Major Tier 1 networks so there’s no compromise on call quality eg. Virgin, Vodafone, Gamma, BT and Citrus.

Keep your 03 Business Phone Number for Life

Register a new 03 number with 08UK you can keep the number for as long as you require or indeed for life. 

As your 03 number has no fixed line you will be able to move office premises without the costly changes to your marketing material.

Memorable 03 Numbers

Choose a Platinum, Gold or Silver 03 Number at the start. Invest in a memorable 03 number to make it easier for your customers to remember your number. Gold memorable 03 numbers are easier to get hold of and the set up costs are usually lower than Gold 0800 numbers.


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