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Who Should I go with to get the best Cloud Telecoms package for my Business

Who Should I go with to get the best Cloud Telecoms package for my Business

Are you thinking of getting some brand new virtual 08, 03 or 01 business phone numbers? Or have reached the conclusion that your existing business phone numbers would be better placed in the cloud? Either way you’ve come to the right place, we are 08UK and when it comes to numbers we simply have the very best virtual cloud inbound solutions available in the UK market place today. The best platform is a fact we challenge anyone to question, if you want a demo to see the platform you can be impressed.

There are many companies that try to offer the full package, Virtual Numbers, VOIP, Hosted PBX on their own Network to deliver the calls. These networks may not live up to expectation and more often than not a compromise on quality of service has been made.

The benefits of going with an experienced reseller that represents only Major Tier 1 Networks outweigh many of these lesser networks. 08UK’s over a decade of established relationships means you can secure the highest quality BT, Virgin or Citrus/Vodafone services for a fraction of their standard prices. Yes that is correct our collective combined volumes mean we pay no rentals for numbers, plus we offer discounted set up fees for Gold/Platinum numbers. You could pay up to ten thousand for a Gold number from a major Carrier, where we may only charge you say two thousand for a better looking number. After almost 15 years we have become pretty good at Bespoke Business Voice on virtual 09, 08 & 03 phone numbers. 

The key decisive element to be very aware of is the lack of existing porting relationships any lesser reseller has in place. You need to know you can move the number away to another provider in the future if you want to improve the rate or service.

Do not get stuck with a lesser range holder, do you know you could move & how too? If not do not go with them – the market is practically not deregulated yet even after all this time. If you’re a BUSINESS be warned from experience Ofcom will not be interested in helping you to Port away from a no-one range holder. Ofcom are there to protect the interests of the general public not private companies. Please listen to our experience for your sake, we speak with almost 15 years’ experience. 

You can check with us instantly if we can Port any number?  If we can not port the number we strongly suggest you dump it & replace it asap, sorry but we will speak the truth.

The lesser Networks will try to entice you in by offering a cheaper prices as bundles for their services. Just remember you will never use exactly the minutes in the bundles so you will always pay more than the quoted rate. Then the outside of bundle prices means the rates are sometimes almost double the rate they quote in the bundle. Some suppliers will also make out they offer quicker and more efficient support than others yet again be careful some inform us that our competitors do not even have a phone number to contact them on. Yes that is correct – we find this unbelievable!  phone number suppliers with no phone numbers to call then on, only an email as support. Our client retention is 99% consistently because everything within our offering is genuine and stacks up with quality. That is a fact we are proud of.

If the network isn’t of Major Tier 1 quality how can it possibly be robust enough to service a your busy business requirements? If you are a sole trader advertising a number on a website only we say still choose us; 08UK. 

Why? Because we believe you will never grow your business properly unless you value every client phone call. We have the very latest features and functionality in our cloud numbers to ensure your customers are satisfied by your voice call handling as a business.   

At 08UK our aim is to give our customers a robust service with no compromise on quality at a great value for money price, significantly cheaper than if you went direct. We never say we are the cheapest as we do not compromise on call quality which is why we continue to service some of the biggest PLC’s in the country who simply wouldn’t entertain these lesser networks. We are afraid of nobody, we believe we are the very best and so we offer a 30 day rolling contract with no rentals on the numbers we offer rather than tying clients in for two or three years. 

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.