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UK Telecoms Sector Annual Revenue - £33.8 billion 2018

UK Telecoms Sector Annual Revenue - £33.8 billion 2018

UK telecoms market statistics - Ofcom’s CMR 2019 – Report summary 

Telecoms revenues in UK business sector
In 2018 UK business markets generated 15.2% of the total telecoms revenues generating £5.1 billion.
This was an 8% decrease on the previous year but it is important to note that VoIP and UCaas services are not accounted for as VoIP usage is not fully captured.

Fixed line Voice Services
Fixed lines accounted for 44 billion minutes of outgoing calls, this demonstrates that this is still a huge market regardless of growing mobile telephony markets and apps like WhatsApp.

Data & Connectivity
Mobile data consumption increased at a fast pace in 2018, on average data use per broadband line (fixed) increased to 240 gigabit per month an increase of 26% on the previous year.  The average monthly use per mobile data connection increased to 2.9 Gigabit which was a 25% rise.

Mobile Data usage
Mobile data usage increased by 37% on the previous year. Bundled services accounted for 75% of total mobile retail revenues. Call volumes increased by 5% to 161 billion minutes.

Text Messaging
In 2018 SMS and MMS messages took a further decline on the previous year decreasing by 5 billion messages (6%) to 74 billion in 2018. This decrease is largely due to the popularity of messaging applications like WhatsApp being readily available on smartphones. As data allowances rise to accommodate demand revenue is effectively transferring.

Business lines
The volume of business lines and channels declined to 5.8m in 2018, which was approximately a 10% fall from the  6.4m recorded in 2017. However, these figures cannot be considered as accurate by Ofcom’s own admission, these figures are extremely likely to be understated as VoIP usage is not fully captured.


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