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Things 08UK will never do to you as our customer

Things 08UK will never do to you as our customer

Whether you’re a salesperson, account executive, marketing strategist, service representative or customer experience professional, you have and will have direct contact with customers.

It’s imperative to organise and set standards from the offset to avoid a negatives for the customer, given any scenario. How your customers interact with your business and dealing with issues in a timely and professional manner is integral. Here at 08UK we pride ourselves on offering the best standards of customer service.

5 scenarios that will create negative customer perception for your business:

  1. Someone calls your company and you then place their call on hold or in a que for ‘too long’.        
    More than 2 minutes is ‘too long’ in our opinion – no matter what the scenario.

  2. Customer or potential contacts you but your phone number continually rings out with no one answering.      
    More than 4 rings is too long in our opinion – or you will get abandoned calls.

  3. Someone calls but has come through to wrong departments, they simply want transferring or the email address for the other department,      yet the agent is unable to assist and simply advises the caller to ‘’call back and press option 1’’.
    All departments must have all other teams direct contact numbers and email addresses.

  4. Your company has decided to go online only and therefore has no phone number for your customers to contact you on.
    Having no visible telephone number destroys buying confidence. 

  5. Your company is using 084 or 087 yet NOT displaying call costs to caller where ever the number is presented i.e website, stationery or promotional material.
    Unless your company is business to business you may be breaking trading standards.


5 Actions that may help your business to appear professional and create more positive customer perception:

  1. Rather than being put on hold for X minutes, give customer (or potential one) the option for a call back.

  2. Ensure you have agents to answer all your calls in a timely manner, do not inform callers ‘’you value their call’’ if you are not willing to employ more agents.

  3. Quickly confirm any contact details for any department over the phone without asking for callers details. Each agent could take ownership of caller issues to ensure they get dealt with quickly. 

  4. Get a business memorable 0800 phone number, show you are willing to encourage voice call enquiries, some people still simply want to talk to an available agent prior to purchase.  

  5. For new & client sales use 080 or 03 contact numbers. If you use 084 or 087 display your call costs where ever you display the phone number or you run the risk of being reported to trading standards and your giving customer valid grounds to raise a complaint against your business. 




If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.