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The UK Contact Centre - Report Released Q4 2019

The UK Contact Centre - Report Released Q4 2019

The following factors are noted to have come from surveys undertaken within contact centres across the UK in Q4 2019.

The 08UK team were most interested in measures like speed to answer, cost per call, first-call resolution, call abandonment, call duration, call transfer rate & agent activity.


Main Findings:-

• Agents working in the outsourcing sector spend the most time dealing with inbound calls.

• Mean Inbound call duration is 6 minutes for a service call and over 6.5 minutes for a sales call.

• The highest Inbound call abandonment rates are in the insurance and housing sectors with lowest being in manufacturing and retail.

• The mean average cost per Inbound call is £4.53 or £0.75/minute approximately.

• Half of UK Contact Centres have increased agent numbers in 2019 however 34% expecting a decline in these numbers for 2020. 

• Inbound contact centres mean absence rates are 40% higher than those of Outbound contact centres.

• The top 3 most valued attributes of a contact centre agent are: Empathy (listening skills), Reliability, Initiative (ability to self-manage).


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