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Telecom Convergence - How could it affect your business phone numbers?

Telecom Convergence - How could it affect your business phone numbers?

We are increasingly living in a more connected faster digital environment, plus of course technology demands are advancing rapidly, so the challenges faced by telecoms service providers is constantly changing it’s a dynamic telco equilibrium. 

Within that dynamic here at 08UK we focus on INBOUND voice and so monitor products and commercials as real solutions inbound realities we regularly check, using our almost two decades of expertise delivering end-to-end and value-added digital inbound solutions, so we know what is out in the UK market.

Telecom convergence is all about the combination of a variety of different provisioned services combined within a single integrated ‘white-labelled’ perhaps solution, facilitated by a whole bunch of interconnected underlying secure access methods.

So this could mean using secure home workers, allowing web chat agents to make and receive real voice calls once logged in to the secure online web platform accessed via their home provided they have ample connectivity. 

Embracing convergence is critical to businesses survival in the longer term as commercial pressures continue to grow, automation drives efficiency and drives down costs. Convergence allows for further economies to be gained whilst the technology provides for a more flexible approach toward resolving client issues. Only ‘suppliers’ that choose to act decisively now and ongoing will be the ones shaping the market, and the ones most likely to grow. 


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