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Sales have increased this month! Great News!

Sales have increased this month! Great News!

“There's been a rush of inbound calls from enthusiastic customers this month!”

“We have a huge amount of brand new leads now.”

“Our marketing team are excited. Clearly, we've been doing something right, we just had a wonderful quarter.”

Like any great marketing team, our 08UK team have been trying different things with various methodologies recently. Experimenting with a couple of various sorts of Pay-Per-Click adverts for instance, changing the wording or the design of email wording.

Be that as it may, when clients call in, many have no idea of knowing which of these decisions really is hitting the jackpot. All they know is that ‘something’ they did had the desired impact.

Obviously, you could handle marketing with one approach at a time and compare the results, but that is extremely risky. Nobody wants to see sales, queries and ultimately profits tumble while your try one strand at once.

Also that you can't control every one of the variables from week to week or month to month. What if a specific campaign works best at one time of year, or figures are influenced by occasions beyond your influence, or by the activities of a competitor or regulator.

On the off chance that you are not making an immediate comparison between your campaigns, you could reach the wrong conclusions entirely. Also, unless you have unlimited money to blow on tests that fail to reap ROI, this is far from an ideal place to be. Fortunately you can actually run numerous campaigns next to the other – while yet following the outcomes. "How?" 

Very simply by: Introducing "virtual inbound numbers" into your advertising campaigns.

Inbound numbering is one of those brilliant ideas that, once you begin utilizing it, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.  But the secret to getting the most value from any campaign is to publish a different virtual phone number, usually a Freephone 0800 number, on each lead-generating asset, event or location you’re marketing in.

Know right away whether the lead/call has originated from the poster advert in Birmingham, the leaflets you gave out at a show in Sheffield or the web advertisements you took out on Google.

Truly quantify the accomplishment of any marketing campaign, for example, average call duration and total time spent on each call with detailed statistics. 

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