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Port Move Grasshopper 0800, 0845 Voxbone Phone Numbers by April 2018.

Port Move Grasshopper 0800, 0845 Voxbone Phone Numbers by April 2018.

Grasshopper telecommunications is closing their UK market services as of the 30th April meaning your business numbers will no longer be supported by their network. The UK Range holder is Voxbone, 08UK can port Voxbone phone numbers through our relationship with BT. If you are concerned about what may happen to your existing business phone numbers, don’t panic, 08UK can help you port / move your Grasshopper phone number. We may Port your Grasshopper Numbers for free to 08UK today. 

Keep your existing Grasshopper number(s) by simply moving them to 08UK

08UK can start the simple process to seamlessly port your business phone numbers with no loss of service to one of the Major tier 1 networks we represent.  We have porting agreements with all the major network providers and believe if we can’t port your number(s) then the chances are no-one else can. Our number porting team have 15 years’ experience in porting numbers and can guide you through the process.

Port your Grasshopper Virtual Number

If you currently have Grasshopper Non Geographic Numbers like 0800, 0845, 0844, 03 or any other Grasshopper (Voxbone SA) Virtual phone numbers you can port them to 08UK for improved service levels and commercials. 

We have a fully dedicated operations team in place to make changes on your behalf to suit your business needs and requirements. At 08UK we offer very competitive rates - it’s extremely likely that you could increase revenue on your existing 084 or save money on your existing 0800 bill.

You can port the following numbers to us today:

•   0800, and 0808

•   0300, 0330, 0333, 0344, 0345, and 0370

•   0843, 0844, 0845

•   0871 and 0872


Why choose 08UK to port your existing Grasshopper Numbers

• Our Service can be Free*

• Generous Revenue/Rebates

• Low Call Rates/Rentals

• Proven Industry Experience

• Blue Chip Client Base

• Excellent Service Levels

• Rapid Response Customer Service

• Major Tier 1 Carriers Only

• Resilient & Robust = Peace of Mind

• 98.7% Client Retention in last 6 Months

• 30 day Rolling Contract Term Available

• 1 Hour call back service 24/7/365

To speak to one of our porting team for assistance please call us for free on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk 

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