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Manchester Businesses commit to 5 year Low Carbon

Manchester Businesses commit to 5 year Low Carbon

On March 25th this years Green Summit was about delivering the 5 year plan for Greater Manchester.

We currently face urgent and significant environmental challenges in Greater Manchester. 

Global impacts of climate change and environmental degradation have now been widely acknowledged as among the greatest economic and public health threats in history.

Greater Manchester is setting out plans to give communities and businesses the confidence and aspiration to create a City which is fit for future generations.

This plan sets out what we all need to do to tackle the challenges together and highlights the need to improve productivity.  It will also set out the opportunities for our people, communities and economy of acting first to reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions promoting a clean growth mission approach and confirm the need for innovative finance to support delivery.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework sets out plans to be zero carbon by 2028.

At 08UK we back the 5 year plan for Greater Manchester and have always been extremely passionate about protecting our environment for future generations.

Click here to see our very own Green Policy Recycling Carbon footprint.



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