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How Your Company Can Profit From Using Virtual Numbers

How Your Company Can Profit From Using Virtual Numbers


Virtual UK landline numbers simply function just the same as any other fixed landline number. They cost the exact same to call as any other 01 or 02 landline and virtual cloud local numbers are available for each area code in the UK.

As these numbers are virtual they have every one of the benefits of non-geographic numbers simply like a 0800 or 0330. 

By utilizing a virtual local number for any geographic territory over the UK you can promote as 'local contact number', paying little respect to where your business is located. 

It might be that you have a national business yet need to appear to be local nationwide, or you have a smaller business next to a city and need to extend your business nearness into it. 


For various businesses promoting a local presence is essential. For example, many tradesman will promote a local number as it will add a level of trust. When somebody requires their services it is often at short notice and they will look for a nearby business who can attend promptly.


First impressions are everything, when a potential client calls you, if you are utilising a virtual phone number you can still receive your calls on your landline or mobile phone, but you can also utilise a feature called Call Whisper.

When you answer a call from your business number you are told you're getting a business call via a short sound message. The caller is unaware of this and it permits you to answer the call professionally, leaving the caller unaware you are using your phone to receive both business and personal calls.


It can be very costly to change your primary business phone number. Printing promotional material, for example, signs, banners, letter heads and business cards is expensive. It’s imperative that you consider the loss of business from existing or potential customers calling the old number? 

Businesses often relocate, this could be because of development or a key choice to move to an alternate area.

If your business utilizes a virtual contact number you simply need to change the destination of your calls. There is no reason to promote another phone number or set cash aside for new marking. You will be able to receive business calls immediately at your new location.

Does your Company have multiple locations for different departments? Keep the same Main 08/03 number and simply introduce an IVR onto the main number with options to route to the various locations. ie, Press 1 for our London Office, Press 2 for our Manchester Office and so on.


Have you ever missed another opportunity for business because you were either unavailable, distracted, on another call, or missed the call because you were busy on a job?

Virtual call services allow you to re-route calls to an alternate destination number or series of numbers or hold callers in a queue until you are free to take the call. The caller is given the impression they are calling a professional organization, you also guarantee you won't miss the call.

Handle calls you receive more efficiently using clever call handling features like Whisper, Time-Of-Day, Whitelisting, Blacklisting, and many more using 08UK intelligent call solutions from Major tier1 carriers only.


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