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How to Seamlessly Port Business Numbers, Porting to a Superior Solution

How to Seamlessly Port Business Numbers, Porting to a Superior Solution

How to Seamlessly Port Business Numbers, Porting to a superior solution

So how to seamless port business numbers, porting to a superior solution, means to move a phone number from one supplier to another for improved inbound features/functionality plus superior commercials plus a quality UK operations and account management team. 

Any 0800 or 084/087 or 03 (or any landline number can become a virtual number) that ‘works’ taking calls for your business is in ‘the cloud’ and can be moved from one inbound platform to another.  

Porting using only the largest Major-Tier 1 networks means we represent the best UK carriers for your peace of mind. 

We make no compromises and so there are no line or simultaneous call limits, unlike other networks. 

The ‘Port’ process is seamless so you will not get any loss of service on your existing Business number/s.

What We Need To Prepare the Port Form:-

List of all 08/03 Number/s and Terminating Numbers.
Current Providers details.
Account Number from your latest bill from them.

Note: We will not prepare the paperwork for you unless we believe we can transfer the number.


If you port your existing numbers to 08UK today you could get a BT service for half the amount of contracting directly with BT. We guarantee that by porting your existing numbers to 08UK we will endeavour to reduce your call bills and improve your existing service levels plus we will run through features you could apply to improve callers experiences. Have BT discussed DR with you for instance? We can offer a free Auto-DR feature. 

SAVE MONEY COMPARED WITH BT. Our vastly experienced team can help you improve your existing numbers.

BT / 08UK PRICE COMPARISON. See how much money your business could save by moving your 0800 number to 08UK.


Who Rental Call Charges / Minute Account Managed Cost - 500 Mins Usage
08UK £0.00 3.75p YES £18.75
BT £10.00 5.5p NO £37.50


Compared to having your 0800 with BT your business could save over £225 a year (based on receiving 500 minutes per month. 


Experience: The 08UK porting team have 15 years’ experience in NGN porting, thousands of business phone numbers have been ported onto our Carrier Network platforms over the years. 

Dedication: When you choose to port to us your dedicated account manager will take care of everything, you are in safe hands – once we have all the correct details. Were focus on inbound and nothing else, we do not push data or business mobiles.

Significantly Different: We are usually able to offer huge improvements to existing inbound business phone numbers, including improved commercials (number rentals removed, feature rentals removed, improved pence rates) along with our expert support and a dedicated experienced account manager. As a guide we usually save a client 30% when they move their numbers to 08UK.

Speak to one of our inbound advisers today to find out why daily companies are porting to 08UK.

If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.