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How to Save Money on your 0800 Freephone bill

How to Save Money on your 0800 Freephone bill

When was the last time your business looked at your 0800 number rate, on your Freephone bill? 

The day-to-day pressures of busy business means that often whilst it is possible to save money on your 0800 Freephone bill. It may simply that the 0800 number is set up initially then may never get looked at again simply because the team are busy with other things.

Often new clients say until we contacted them they had never looked at their 0800 bill, or crucially the 0800 rates may not be looked at to identify savings. 

There are in fact a number of ways to save a significant money on your existing 0800 number/s and keep your bills to an absolute minimum.

Is your 0800 number/s costing your business over £100 per month?

Are you paying rentals each month on each of the number/s?

What other additional call handling features are we paying for on the number/s?

If so the chances are 08UK will be able to assist you in saving money.

We can seamlessly Port/Transfer port your 0800 numbers to 08UK today click here.

6 things to consider when getting a ‘comparison quote’ for your 0800 number service.

1) Are you in a current contract with your existing 0800 number supplier?
If the answer is yes then you will be required to settle any outstanding balance on your existing 0800 bill before you can move the number to a new supplier and wait until that contract ends or face termination fees.

2) Are you paying a rental for the 0800 number/s on a monthly basis?
Some suppliers will charge anywhere up to £10/month/number exclusive of minutes.


3) Will your new supplier tie you into a lengthy contract?

Lengthy contracts are usually a bad idea as if your traffic increases you may very well be entitled to an improved rate per minute. At 08UK we supply a 30 day rolling Contract so we can be flexible to our client’s needs and requirements. This means you are free to compare the market regularly and come back to us ask for an improved rate if you wish.


4) Do you have any existing on-net call handling features? Are you paying for these on a monthly basis?
Some suppliers offer these very same on-net call handling features for free. At 08UK we offer a free IVR – Interactive Voice Response, Call Queuing, Disaster Recovery, Time of Day and Day/Date Call Routing along with many others. To read more about call handling features click here

5) Do you have a need to make regular changes to the destination number your 0800 number points too?

Maybe you’re on the move and would rather access your number/s and make the changes yourself via a web portal. Perhaps you would like advanced call statistics on your number/s emailed to you or accessible via the portal. 08UK can supply these free of charge unlike most 0800 number suppliers.

6) Do your current 0800 service levels meet your current business needs and requirements?
If you request a change to be applied, is it actioned and completed in a timely manner to meet expectations.
At 08UK we have a dedicated Operations Team readily available to make changes during office hours.


For a free 0800 Quotation from 08UK please click here.  https://www.08uk.co.uk/free_quote_request.php


If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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