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How to Manage Inbound Callers Experience

How to Manage Inbound Callers Experience

In todays highly competitive marketplace, its important to ensure that when someone wants to calls your company their phone experience is a happy one.

How you handle your client calls should be a business imperative and this can be achieved by utilising Inbound Call handling features in the right way to facilitate your customer requirements.

You may already have call handling features applied to your Virtual 08/03/01 Business phone number/s. Popular features such as a Welcome Message recording, IVR (interactive Voice Response), Disaster Recovery call plan and Call queuing are usually in the cloud or on the phone system directly. 

How you control your customer calls using these powerful features can either be a great success or a complete failure.

Having insufficient options on your IVR creates negative caller experiences.

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response), consists of options which are presented to the caller via a recorded message. An example of this would be Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Billing, Press 3 for technical support, the caller then selects the department they wish to talk to and the call is routed accordingly. 

A common mistake made by many companies is to not having enough options on the IVR to cover the caller’s requirements. The caller is then forced to select any option which usually results in them talking to the wrong person in the wrong team.

Having no option available to cover all of your customer needs can lead to callers being placed on hold, put in a queue or bounced around from department to department. By the time the wrong person works out who the right person actually is you may find you’ve either alienated the existing customer or lost the new business enquiry.


What happens when your phone lines have a fault? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan? Or Auto-DR? 

What happens to your callers when your phone lines have a fault? If you have virtual business phone numbers then an Auto-Disaster Recovery plan feature can ensure your callers don’t’ receive a dead tone response when your landlines I.P channels ‘go down’. This is one of the reasons we would recommend you have any call handling features applied in the cloud as opposed to on the phone system directly. Features applied directly onto the phone system are dependent on the channels in your office rather than the inbound platform.

This Automatic Disaster Recovery Feature is a very helpful feature if used correctly that actually detects a line fault (before placing the call to that destination line/number) & therefore (following receiving a response from the line) the platform can then be instructed to route the call somewhere else.  For example, if you had a flood or fire at your office then calls could then route to your landline at home or another location.


Some major high street brands place their callers in queues with excessive waiting times.

When placing your callers in a Queue the length of time you keep them waiting for and what each caller experiences on their individual call requires careful consideration to avoid alienating your callers. 

Any company brand that places their callers in queues for too long are unduly delaying the caller. If the IVR has no suitable option to deal with the request prior to the call being placed in the queue then the customer has just waited X minutes to be connected to potentially the wrong department. ‘‘Oh I’m sorry you’ve come through to the wrong department, I’ll have to transfer you’’ sound familiar?

If the customer is then placed on hold and transferred to another queue while they are waiting to be connected to the right department it could take another X minutes or more before the caller actually reaches the required destination. 

Complex call plans that involve call queuing set the number of calls to be held as maximum in the queue and then what each caller experiences on their individual call will depend upon the position in the queue they fall in to. Business call volumes, customer waiting times and the amount of physical lines available to take the calls need to be assessed in order to deliver the very best Call Queuing options for your callers to deliver the very best caller experience for your customers.

At 08UK we have over 15years experience in delivering bespoke inbound solutions using inbound features to meet customer business requirements and in many cases we can build complex new plans for customers for free.


If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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