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Free Business Telecoms Audit Can Save Money

Free Business Telecoms Audit Can Save Money

Save money from today, get a business telecommunications audit, on your current supplier bills and services from an experienced voice account manager from 08UK.

At 08UK Ltd we have a proven process that will reduce your business telecom costs. 

We identify current rates (often across multiple supplier’s bills) then look to consolidate and where money can be saved and features could be added (to improve customer service levels) we highlight the areas of benefit by moving those services to 08UK.


At 08UK you can get a new Freephone 0800 number set up totally for free, on a rolling 30 day rolling contract, starting from only £15 per month usually with no rental per month per number nor any hidden feature charges (unlike many of our competitors) so your bundle is fully allocated to minutes.

We also supply many other 0845 or 0844 or 0871 or any new 03 number range all with no rental charges on per number per month.

We regularly audit 0800 bills from say BT and find 35% overall savings for example.

BT Charge £10/Number/Month  08UK Charge £0/Number/Month

We only represent Major Tier 1 carriers so there is no compromise on call quality.

Looking for help reducing the operating costs of existing 0800 or 03 numbers? 


Want to reduce your business telecom bills or you’re dissatisfied with existing supplier?

Get your free 08UK inbound telecoms audit today. If you would like to discuss your existing business telecoms set-up to let us quote our robust solutions please call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.