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Five reasons to switch to 08UK in 2021

Five reasons to switch to 08UK in 2021

Are you thinking about switching business telecoms providers this year? Find out how 08UK can take care of all your service needs.

1.  A smooth transfer of telecoms services  

Moving your business telecoms to 08UK is easy, and won’t result in loss of service. We regularly transfer services, also known as porting numbers, to our own systems and can do this reliably without any impact on your business. 

Non-geographical numbers from freephone 0800 through to premium 09 0871 numbers are all usually moved between midnight and 4am. This ensures a smooth transition at a time when call volumes are likely to be low or zero.

2.  Reliable tier 1 carriers

We only use major tier 1 carriers like BT (the UK’s largest carrier), Virgin and Citrus for our customers. These are high performing internet service providers (ISPs) which tend to have large coverage areas. Tier 1 carriers are generally more experienced, robust and have a lot of infrastructure and massive financial resources.

This means your business telecom needs are in safe hands. Tier 1 carriers ensure zero compression and interference, no calls dropped, and zero on-call delay.

3.  Focused service from our experienced team

At 08UK we’ve spent the last 18 years building experience within our team, focusing on inbound UK numbers, and assisting our clients to handle over 300 million minutes of inbound calls. We have proven track record in delivering voice solutions to large UK organisations and PLCs. We’re also listed in the RM1035 Government Procurement Framework, which means we can supply to public sector organisations, local authorities, and any charity or not-for-profit organisation in the UK.

All of this experience means our service is focused and accurate. We secure improved solutions with better service support for our clients. We also offer proactive suggestions instead of just waiting for orders.

4.  Cheap 0800 numbers with excellent call quality

We all know never to base business decisions on money alone because, as in every other area of life, you get what you pay for. There are many telecoms service providers in the UK offering many different technologies, which can make it more difficult to compare the quality and value of their offering. 

At 08UK we give the highest standard of service and resilience through our 0800 suppliers, which are BT, Citrus, Virgin Media and Vodafone, while aiming to provide the cheapest 0800 tier 1 service. This means our customers get a superb call quality at a low rate. You can also switch all of your telecoms in one go, even from multiple carriers, to one 08UK bill and save money. 

5.  The best call handling features

At 08UK, we offer any inbound call feature your business may need, including day/date call routing, welcome IVR messages, geographic routing, inbound call queuing, post-call CSAT surveys and many more. 

Our experience means we can find a balance of features and deliver the right telecoms solution at the right price for all our business clients. Many of our features are included at no extra cost, and we recommend our customers use them to ensure their caller experience is as cloud reliant as possible. 


These are just five reasons why your business should switch to 08UK this year, but we can give you plenty more. Give our team a call on 0800 692 7000 and we’ll be happy to discuss your telecom needs, or email new@08uk.co.uk and we’ll call you back.