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Fathers being treated fairly in employment? 08UK good employer but discrimination is common

Fathers being treated fairly in employment? 08UK good employer but discrimination is common

Here at 08UK we take pride that we are not just a good employer, we are understanding and flexible to both mothers & fathers in their employment within our SME business. 

Reports from other working fathers common discrimination in the workplace. So UK fathers are being treated unfairly in the SME businesses employment workplace.

Dads & paternity leave & discrimination by their employers, so the question is does the average SME business provide the flexible working hours to help accommodate for such parental responsibilities? 

If a child is sick, do fathers get time off to care for children? These are the real tests of understanding employers.

Traditionally, it was the mother who tended to take maternity leave or attend to sick children, their employers in most cases would always accommodate mothers by providing flexible working hours and leave where required. Unfortunately, here in the UK many employers are still in the dark ages. Times have changed but even with new laws in place to protect fathers, many men may still being subjected to bullying or discrimination in the UK work place. More women are returning to work to continue their careers after short maternity breaks meaning the duty of child care is more shared equally between parents. However, do fathers get the option to take their children to school in the morning for instance? Do they get the option to leave work early to collect their sick children from school? If both parents have full time careers is was expected that the mother will take this responsibility. Does your employer offer flexible working times? If you are a father can you start late & finish later if taking children to school in the morning? 

The truth is the attitude of employers towards flexible working arrangements isn’t as favourable towards fathers. Even in the most flexible of positions the morning drop-off to school and the afternoon collection from school are the hardest thing to negotiate and for small businesses somewhat impossible to deliver.

The stresses of parenthood and work can lead to negative effects on mental health and well-being and therefore have a detrimental effect on performance in the workplace.

08UK is a family, as a team within a small business we cover each other if one needs to be off for whatever reason. Whilst we are always taking our teams parenthood very seriously we try to provide the best good work/life balance for all our employees by offer real understanding to Fathers too.

It seems clear that more UK businesses should do their very best to provide flexible working arrangements for all of their dads in their team. 


If you would like to talk to one of our team to get any point clarifying please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us now on 0800 692 7000 or email new@08uk.co.uk so we can call you back.

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