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Christmas Business Telecoms Survival Guide

Christmas Business Telecoms Survival Guide

Christmas can be a chaotic and busy time for any business for many reasons. Whatever industry sector you work in extra measures can be undertaken to make sure your business runs smoothly over the festive period.

Here’s 08UKs survival guide with useful tips on how to make your telecoms work for you this Christmas:

Christmas Phone Messages

During the festive period it’s a good idea to have a Christmas Message highlighting any seasonal offers

or Christmas campaigns your business might be promoting. You can also use the voice message to advise your customers of the businesses opening hours during the Christmas break.

Change your IVR inbound call plan

If you are out of the office over the festive period and need to route your calls to change the way your incoming calls are handled then why not ask one of our 08UK Operations Team to set-up a Christmas call plan to reflect your opening times and closed days during the seasonal period.

Diverting some of your calls

Does your business need to divert inbound 08, 03, 01, 02 calls to different departments, locations or colleagues on the move during the Christmas rush? Maybe some of your team are out of the office more than usual and you require calls to be diverted to their mobile phones. At 08UK our Operations team have the skills and expertise to assist you in building bespoke call plans to suit your business requirements. 

Winter Snow? Short Staffed? Plan ahead with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery solutions allow you to control the routing of inbound calls through the call plan that is uploaded on to your numbers. We always recommend that a separate disaster recovery call plan is built ready to handle any scenario required. Is heavy snow preventing your staff from getting to work? Activate a disaster recovery plan which routes the calls to alternate destinations such as home phone numbers instead of your office ones.

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