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Can I feed CSAT survey results into my Trustpilot scores?

Can I feed CSAT survey results into my Trustpilot scores?

At 08UK we can live-feed your CSAT survey results into Trustpilot, which boosts your ratings and reflects customer opinions in real time.

A customer satisfaction score (CSAT) survey is the simplest way of measuring what your customers think about any contact across any channel they have with your business. Whether it’s speaking to a customer service agent, navigating your website, or using an app, a CSAT survey asks your customers to rate their experience. Thanks to 08UK, you can now transfer this valuable feedback onto your Trustpilot score and share it with a worldwide audience.  

What are the benefits of a CSAT survey?

Phone call CSAT feedback means you can rate customer satisfaction with your products or services, and also customer service agent satisfaction. A big strength of CSAT surveys is in their simplicity, and a fully automated voice prompted CSAT survey sent after the customer’s call will measure the moment while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Because a CSAT survey provides instant feedback on any step on the customer’s journey, these ratings give your business a real-time picture of the touch points that are performing well, and those that need improvement.

Why link my CSAT survey to Trustpilot?

08UK believes that integrating your CSAT survey with Trustpilot enables your business or organisation to totally redefine and transform your customer voice strategy. Future Trustpilot reviews will also more accurately reflect your business. This information enables you to continually refine your business and receive higher Trustpilot scores in return. Find out more about how 08UK can boost your Trustpilot reviews here. Or contact us today for a demo on how the system could work for your business.

How does a CSAT survey work?

The inbound post-call CSAT feature is usually a fully automated voice prompted call, but it can be sent via SMS too. When applied to any virtual number, after the call ends the customer is immediately connected to an automated interactive voice responsive (IVR) message.  This advises the caller to stay on the line if they wish to give feedback on customer satisfaction. As this feature is in the cloud, it works well wherever the customer service agent is located, including working from home. 

The caller responds to the prompted automated IVR questionnaire in a formal or informal way. Formal means the customer can rate their satisfaction between 0 and 9, and informal asks for voice comments to a number of questions.

The survey results produce ratings where the caller scores their satisfaction with the outcome of their original enquiry, and also the agent and how they handled it.

How can my CSAT survey be linked to Trustpilot?

Currently, 08UK’s Digi-Desk Solution allows customer engagement via your website, email SMS and social media. Trustpilot allows feedback from customers outside of these touchpoints, and also via Google. Together, these additional platforms will collect a higher number of verified reviews. This makes it easier for your business to get glowing reviews, respond to negative feedback, and allows you to really listen to what it is your customers want. 

If you want to know more about feeding your post-call CSAT surveys into your Trustpilot scores, give our team a call on 0800 692 7000, or email new@08uk.co.uk and we’ll call you back.