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Bad UK Suppliers - National Suppliers that just dont care about their smaller clients

Bad UK Suppliers - National Suppliers that just dont care about their smaller clients

'The SH group' as we call them now were an IT firm that 08UK used for many years.

Whilst we appreciate we were not being the biggest client to 'The Sh Group' we spent over £1000 every year with this firm plus we made random one off purchases sometimes spending as much as £15K at a time, so our total spend over the years was probably in excess of 50K, which is not small money for a relatively small firm.

We no longer required the services of 'The SH Group' at the end of 2018 so we terminated our contract, but:-

We had no formal end to our agreement, no hand over information, nor any kind of actual sorry your leaving! or Why are you leaving? Nor crucially any 'Thank you for your business over the years!'

No, this utter joke of a company just simply invoiced us again (for another years support), even though we had already stated we were not continuing with them and had given written acceptance. We had to call and explain that whilst the invoice was typically early we would not be paying it this year as we no loner required their services & notice had been given. The accounts team simply then cancelled the invoice and we heard nothing more from anyone.

Then some weeks later we realised we needed to access the equipment in question and ourselves realised that we had not actually been provided with the login password for the equipment, as 'they' had been supporting the equipment, 'they' had set up the password and not handed it over to us.

Realising this we then contacted this 'The SH Group' company and were then told (with absolutely no apology) that because of GDPR they could not provide any information and so basically they would not give us the password to our own equipment and nor did they care at all!

Our director commented 'What a total bunch of idiots', in this instance GDPR used as an excuse for total incompetence, and they showed a total lack of care or respect for us their long standing customer simply because we had said we were not renewing, a totally disgraceful attitude.

Big Companies that only care about their big clients think treating smaller clients like this is OK, it is not. 


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