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A Positive Approach to UK Business futures Post Brexit - What ever Happens

A Positive Approach to UK Business futures Post Brexit - What ever Happens

Here at 08UK we have been looking into the facts surrounding UK trade & EU markets thinking of the future.

Taking of a new positive approach, our attitude to UK business in the future is good Post Brexit.
In 2016, apparently the EU27 represented 18.3% of world GDP, the UK 3.5%, which then in turn leaves 78.2% per cent of world GDP outside the EU.

It is clear then that there is a huge number of markets that UK businesses can access more or less freely (outside of the EU or not) plus we can do so right now and post-Brexit no matter what-ever happens.

The UK is a significant part, right now pre-Brexit of the EU market. The UK people obviously buy lots of goods, for example cars from Germany, from the EU nations. 
Similarly the EU is the UK’s closest most obvious and immediate market place simply by proximity so EU buys lots from UK too.

Put simply those German car manufacturers will of course want the UK to continue buying German cars post Brexit, what-ever happens.

So we conclude it is not in EU interest nor one countries interest to make trading more difficult for the UK, so taking a positive approach to UK Business futures Post Brexit. 


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