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A Beginners Guide To Inbound Virtual Phone Numbers

A Beginners Guide To Inbound Virtual Phone Numbers

What is a Virtual Phone Number? 

Before we go any further, we ought to clarify what a virtual telephone number is. This is the term used for telephone numbers that effectively "mask" an existing number, which means when anybody calls the virtual number, they can be automatically directed to the latter number eg. Landline number without even being aware of it.

Why your Business should invest in a Virtual Telephone Number? 

There are many benefits to virtual phone numbers. The existing phone number can be a landline number or a mobile number, which permits you to receive your client calls even if you are regularly away from your office.

Secondly, the ability to choose your own virtual telephone number range allows you to imply certain things about your business speciality that could have a major effect on its chances of success. You may not be aware, for example, that according to recent studies, some 80% of individuals in the UK who trusted local business dwarfed the 50 odd % who trusted businesses as a rule.

So if your business is situated in London, for instance, but wishes to appeal to people in Manchester, you may invest into a virtual number with a 0161 area code from a business like 08UK, to give the perception that your business is a Manchester one. Combine this virtual number with a virtual office address, and you really can build a convincing illusion of a major city organisation.

How to choose the right 0800 or 0333 or 084 Virtual Number

If you decide that a virtual number is the best choice for your business then you will need to ask yourself several key questions before making your final purchase. Some of those questions may include; is it important to attain an extremely memorable phone number? Plus of course which number range to choose i.e 0333 or 0800 or 084 for the advert itself. This is especially important in helping to build early brand recognition and awareness. Having a 0800 number that’s easy to remember could be imperative to the success of the campaign especially where the number itself is going to be printed/promoted on the sides of vehicles or appear as part of a TV/Radio advert.

Ultimately, your choice will be influenced by whether you wish to advertise your business as a Local, National or International one and if the organisation has chosen to pay for the caller to contact them for free. Each of these marketing orientations naturally has its advantages and disadvantages, these are influenced by such factors as the business’s target market and present growth stage.

The most effective method to advertise your Virtual Number

Once you have a virtual number it’s time to start advertising it in as many memorable and useful ways as possible.

Keep in mind that an extraordinary virtual number won’t simply be a collection of numbers. That’s because it will also serve as an integral part of your brand, running alongside wider branding efforts such as your company logo and company colours. 

If you have company cars and vehicles then use this as an opportunity to advertise your new virtual number. This method has particular relevance when it comes to locally orientated businesses like trades people and estate agents. You may also wish to kit out your staff in branded clothing featuring your number to help expand your company image.

Many of the most effective ways to promote your new virtual business phone number are the most obvious – think Business cards, flyers, Company website, Google, and Social Media channels. A memorable business phone number could also be promoted via a trade show, a corporate sponsorship of a local conference or other event.

Don’t underestimate the impact ‘using any old’ Virtual Number can have on your business.

Obviously, a poorly chosen virtual number can be ineffective at adding value to your company as any other misguided business investment. When researching the business number marketplace you will come across a large selection of number suppliers who offer quick fix number solutions such as choosing from a range of virtual numbers available on their website and setting up instantly. Caution should be taken when following this route as in many cases the portability of these numbers can cause problems moving forward if you are unable to move the number to a new supplier that may be offering significantly better commercials than your existing ones.

Or commonly lesser platform which are not as robust can at times leave callers with dropped calls or badly delivered calls with delay connecting, echo, distortion or delay. 

Moving Existing Virtual Numbers to 08UK, Deregulation v’s Practical Porting Restrictions

Then when wishing the port the number away to a better quality solution, porting restrictions may prevent the free movement of the number. Here at 08UK, if we can’t port your existing number for you then we strongly advise phasing the number out – as no-one else would be able to move it for you either. 08UK have move porting agreements than any other UK supplier through our relations with BT/Virgin/Voda/Citrus.

Getting stuck with a poor virtual number solution can have massive negative impact on your business, it may lead to the organisation missing sales as a result. 

We would recommend talking with someone directly to establish your business needs and requirements so the right number range can be identified for you to avoid issues moving forward.

At 08UK we have over 15 years of experience regarding Virtual Business Numbers so are very well placed to advise you on the best number range to suit your business requirements and meet your clients expectations.


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