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5 of the most Innovative Data Centers in Europe

5 of the most Innovative Data Centers in Europe

The race for technological advancement and improved efficiency for data centres is still very much in demand on a global scale. The requirements for faster processing power and more expansive storage solutions is the driving force behind some extremely innovative Data Center facilities Worldwide. Europe is leading the way for Data Center expansion and currently hosts some of the largest Data Centres Worldwide the top 5 largest Data Centres in Europe are as follows:-

5 – Equinix LD5 Data Center (London)

The Equinix LD5 data center is currently the biggest facility owned by Equinix at 226,000 square feet. Customers have access to 40+ Carriers and can take advantage of fiber connectivity outside of Central London.

4 – Facebook Lulea Data Center (Sweden)

The Lulea Data Center is located in Lulea, Sweden and is owned by Facebook, it covers 290,000 square feet and is powered by hydroelectricity. The top level of the building acts as a cooling system for the rest of the building by taking in outside air, it filters, cools and distributes to lower levels.

3 – Microsoft’s Data Center (Dublin)

One of Microsoft’s largest Data Centers is located in Dublin and covers 550,000 square feet. This facility is used to power much of Microsoft’s cloud computing systems globally whilst keeping a low water usage and energy footprint. Much like Facebooks Data Center outside air is used to cool the center using a ‘free cooling’ concept.

2 – Next Generation Data (Wales)

Located in Newport, Wales the ‘Next Generation Data’ facility is 750,000 square feet. This building is three-stories high and is able to house nearly 375,000 square feet of technical space with the capacity for 19,000 cabinets.

1 – Portugal Telecom (Portugal)

The largest data center in Europe is located in Covilha, Portugal and stands at a gigantic 800,000 square feet.
The facility was purposely built in Covilha as this location is said to be the coldest point in the country.

It has a garden with more than 600 trees and features a rainwater collection system along with photovoltaic solar power generation system; this makes this not only the largest Data Centre in Europe but also the most environmentally friendly.


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