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3 Steps to Improve Your Inbound Customer Experience with an Omni-channel Strategy

3 Steps to Improve Your Inbound Customer Experience with an Omni-channel Strategy

Digital business is rapidly being transformed by new technologies and this is having a major influence on the virtual business phone number marketplace, these same innovations are empowering consumers in new ways.

Consumer expectation has jumped forward as a result of Smartphone - world at fingertips, click-to-call, instant chat, instant buy. Inbound call handling could still be an important part of that buying experience. Consumers now expect the same level of access and seamless intuitive experiences when they interact with brands and businesses – whether via mobile, online, over the phone or in person.

In order to avoid consumers switching allegiances from one telecoms supplier to another the ever rising expectations must be met continually. Omni-Channel products for instance must be available as a solution to help businesses analyse their B2C customer interaction. The average consumer uses six different channels to engage during a single buying experience, one of these may be your 0800 number. The inbound customer journey is now fragmented as a result and this can cause issues for everyone from marketing, sales through to customer service teams. Only one in three contact centres can currently track a customer across multiple channels.

From a telecoms customer service perspective, this causes customer service agents to be unable to resolve problems due to incomplete information from disconnected systems.  This also is the cause of the largest customer complaints —89% of customers say they’re unhappy by the need to repeat their issues multiple times over the course of resolving a problem. So, it’s time to get on board with building a comprehensive Omni-channel strategy.

CSAT Verbatim is a feature which is available on the ECT platform and offers every possible inbound call interaction solution. You can implement a superb (and silent to your call agents) post voice call feedback survey.

CSAT solutions are available today from 08UK, to read more about how CSAT solutions can move your business forward click here https://www.08uk.co.uk/Articles/multi-channel-csat-hear-the-voice-of-your-customer.php


Here are three steps to consider before applying your solution.

1. Think outside the box.

Introducing new communication channels without proper planning can leave consumers underwhelmed, or even frustrated. New channels should be added with careful consideration as to how they fit into the bigger picture. Mobile and Web solutions should work together to help the customer, no matter which platform they choose.

Implementing Omni-channel solutions successfully requires an extensive review of any existing business processes, so take the time to set up each new channel for success. Your online FAQ should also be an extension of your contact centre.

2. Include your agents.

Most businesses review channel processes from the customer perspective, but many don’t analyse things from the agent’s perspective. In order to progress a customer inquiry through to a positive resolution as quickly as possible agents are required to be 08 specialists; ultimately they understand what it takes to resolve customer issues.

Frontline agents are often not included in business process planning, irrespective of the fact they are the most qualified to design those workflows.  Don’t skip or speed through this phase—it could jeopardise the success of the Omni-channel project altogether.

3. Leverage customer data.

Contact centre analytics can help businesses create one single perspective of the customer— regardless of the channel. Leading contact centre analytics solutions convert the structured and unstructured data within all customer interactions — every call, every chat, every post, is converted into usable information.

Contact centre agents receive a detailed and complete picture of a customer from previous interactions to the full story surrounding the current customer issue. This enables agents to resolve customer problems quickly and intuitively.  Utilising this data along with data from your CRM and marketing platforms can help you better understand your customers and their experience across channels, helping you to focus your Omni-channel strategy as you go. Adapting to these changes and understanding how to best respond will only benefit your business in the long run.


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