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0800 - 12 reasons Why UK Businesses could gain from Using 0800 Telephone Numbers

0800 - 12 reasons Why UK Businesses could gain from Using 0800 Telephone Numbers

Calls to 0808 & 0800 are all now free, including from all UK mobile networks, Ofcom change 1st July 2015. 

New potential clients will like to be able to make a totally free sales enquiry using a mobile friendly 0800.

Evidence shows using a free phone 0808 or 0800 does directly increase response of a marketing campaign in comparison to using other number ranges. Now calls are free on all UK mobiles too responses will be better.

Never miss another call due to your lines being busy, line fault, or when calls are not being answered.

Monitor your call answering even in the event of a disaster, with auto-fail over free disaster recovery solution.

Virtual numbers are a marketing tool must have for advertising campaigns. Free 0800 call statistics means the ability to track the ROI i.e the number of calls received. Do not blindly spend money on advertising.

Keep your phone numbers if you move offices/location – no redirect charges, no physical limitations as these numbers are UK 080 national numbers.

The physical location of the business is concealed as 080 is a UK wide national number. 

You can route calls on 0800 or 0808 free phone numbers to any of your offices, anywhere in the world or to a UK mobile or landline.

Superior call handling features applied on to 0800 number itself can allow for IVR options and prompts to route the caller to their chosen location routing. 

Easily accessible inbound call statistics shows your calls you missed, engaged or unanswered. 

Create a unified brand strengthening call answer response to strengthen your corporate branding.

Virtual on-net features can apply such as call recording, voicemail and an unlimited number of simultaneous calls without actually using any of your line capacity at your offices if needs be.


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