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09 Premium Rate Numbers

09 Premium Rate Numbers

09 Premium Rate Numbers

Any 0871 or 0872 or 09 or any premium rate SMS short code service is classed as a premium rate service.

Note however that not all short codes are charged at a premium rate but short codes can cost up to £10 per SMS & subscription ongoing services can be arranged to send messages & apply charges regularly throughout a calendar month and ongoing each month.

1st August 2009 Ofcom decided that all 0871 or 0872 numbers should now be classed as premium rate services (PRS), putting them under the remit of Phone-Paid Services' Code of Practice. Now these have been classified as premium rate, there are PSA guidelines that need to be followed by any company who wants to run 0871/2 premium rate numbers services. These regulations state that the cost of the call must be declared to the caller for transparency. To go to our PSA pages click here.

Adult services are no longer allowed on 087 numbers, these must all be delivered on 09 numbers that are also obviously premium rate. We offer two options for our 09 numbers, NOTE; we do not offer any adult services. Our 09 numbers starts from 50p/minute for the caller or £1/minute. We do not offer any numbers that are charged at over £/minute. Our premium rate 09 numbers are offered for technical support or customer service lines only.

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