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09 Numbers

09 Numbers

09 Numbers

We only offer 09 numbers for technical support or customer service use only. We only offer 50ppm or £1ppm numbers.
We do not offer £1.50ppm numbers as these are more heavily regulated by Phone-Paid Services Authority Plus.

Here at 08UK we do charge a one-off fee of £20 plus VAT to reserve (and then go ahead) with any individual premium 09 number service. Only once you have paid will we reserve a new 09 number for you and then once you have registered this with PSA we check and then can then go ahead with your 09 number service.

Over the years we have had too many numbers reserved that are not properly registered with PSA and simply too much time wasted by potential 09 number clients whom we had reserved numbers for free of any charges, then we have had to do spend more time getting those numbers back for others to use. Don’t be put off though, any good account manager here at 08UK will simply arrange for you to receive an additional £20 credit on to your monthly rebate report, provided of course you have achieved over our minimum minute threshold. We are simply trying to discourage the time wasters for our own time’s sake too.

09 Numbers for UK Business Technical Support or for Customer Service Lines
National 09 Business telephone numbers are used by businesses who wants a high revenue return to pay for a service, perhaps to cover the cost of staff & the service itself. Earn from 23ppm up to 65ppm for all calls with no charges to you what-so-ever.
Premium Rate 09 Numbers
Our Premium rate 09 numbers are charged for the caller at up to 100p/ minute from a BT landline & these numbers pay your business back monthly a cash revenue based upon the inbound minutes received. If you are interested in starting to make money get in touch & get Live today, you must register with PSA first.
Virtual 09
As virtual 09 Phone Numbers, calls to these numbers can be routed to any landlines/numbers in the UK, giving your business the flexibility to distribute & best handle your calls.
09 to VOIP
No problem to VOIP lines, SIP or IP direct channels/lines. IP solutions are now viable if only as a DR solution to ensure maximise your ability to make and receive calls.

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